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There's something 'bout you baby I like - analysing the appeal of a new FHS spankee

Oh dear, not off to a great start is it? Using a line from a Status Quo song, of all things!

(To digress a little, did you have the chance to see their acoustic show from The Roundhouse, shown on the Beeb a few weeks ago? I couldn't see their stuff working in a stripped down form, but it was really entertaining. A very pleasant surprise indeed!)

But back to the subject at hand. Spanking hand, presumably.

Nothing to do with spanking, just the
same surname
Firm Hand Spanking have a new American spanking model, who goes by the slightly unpromising name of Kylee Anders. Why is this not a good name? Well, even when you spell Kylee like that it still makes one think of Kylie Minogue, and their are far too many girls of a certain age who got saddled with her moniker. Still, I like Anders. Makes me think of David Anders, the actor, who I always enjoy. I was a big fan of Alias, and I also liked him in Heroes and Once Upon a Time. And in at least a half a dozen other shows.

Hmm. Slipped off topic again there. Can we please return to the actual subject of this post?

(Like it's your fault that I have the attention span of....hang on, where was I again?)

Kylee Anders, is a rather nice looking blonde girl (much too young for me to call her a lady, I'm afraid) who has, to date, appeared in just two spanking films at Firm Hand Spanking, both of which she receives from the really incredibly lucky Jonny Stockton (see my blog post about his wife, the radiant Stacy Stockton if you don't believe me).

She has a bubbly personality and, wait, what's that important one again?

Yes, that was it. A firm, rounded spankable butt. The evidence is clear. I'm sure that you agree.

Hold on though. You think we should just check without any clothing obstructing our view? Well, old chap, that sounds eminently sensible. 

There you go. Happy now?

Kylee has a long but well built body, and, I would guess, is probably fairly new to spanking, at least at this level. Just judging by her reactions - lots of gasps and air forced through pursed lips. Her bottom grows nicely pink as Jonny spanks away at it. And she yells quite a lot.

Time for a few more pictures, I think.

What doesn't come across in the pictures is how well she role plays. At no stage do you question the authenticity of her reactions; her dialogue is real and unforced, and delivered in a realistic conversational tone. 

I really think that Kylee is one to watch for.

Now, the observant amongst you will have spotted that all of these pictures come from one video, although I mentioned that Kylee had appeared in two films. (Did you spot that? Give yourself a gold star, ten out of ten and a pat on the back).

The second film has her paddled with a table tennis bat, and, well, here are a couple of pictures of that (i'd hate for you to think that I was teasing you).

So exactly what is Kylee's appeal? She's a pretty girl, but that isn't particularly unusual, around the spanking scene. The spankings that she's taken so far haven't been particularly severe, yet clearly she feels them.

(I am a little concerned that she may only end up doing one shoot with Firm Hand).

She has a pleasantly bratty attitude, but so do any number of spanky girls.

What Kylee has, at least to me, is the undefinable "it". Some of our spanking models have it, and some don't. I'll happily watch almost any girls getting spanked, but some just have something more than an available bottom, and Kylee does. 

I want to watch her films again and again.

In fact I think that the difference comes down largely to personality, and the films where I sit and watch the whole thing, rather than just zooming to the spanking, are those featuring models whose on screen personality I find appealing.

Although, honestly, being insanely hot helps too! (Yes, I am a heterosexual male - this shit it hardwired into us, I think). 

Anyway, a last couple of pictures for your pleasure.


...and bottom

I just love her expression

So, that's it for another blog post. Remember that you can always comment.

All the best


PS Yes, I know, that was less analysis, and more leching, but, hey, it passed a few minutes, and I really do like Kylee. Remember, you can get her films on Firm Hand Spanking

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