Friday, 5 December 2014

A pretty Pixie in panties - the Amber Pixie Wells trilogy part 1

Hello, good morning, and welcome. Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends and posting kinky pics once more.

Well, sadly that last bit didn't really scan, or rhyme, or sound even vaguely decent but still - there really are pictures!

This is the first of three quick posts featuring screen captures of the lovely Pixie, all courtesy of our good friends at Punished Brats (thanks David); it gave me a splendid excuse to spend an hour or so watching videos of Pixie getting spanked, paddled and belted.

I did have to pause for...let's say breath, shall we? Once or twice.

I've been watching these little spanky films for some years now, and Pixie was one of the first ladies that caught my eye. She always looks delightfully mischievous, and can take a pretty hard spanking.

Sadly she doesn't seem to shoot spanking films any longer, or at least not as a bottom, but we have a huge archive of existing clips, and pretty much all of them are splendid.

Anyway, with no further ado, and very little in the way of commentary (I told you that this was a quick post, didn't I?) here are some pictures of Pixie, being spanked over her panties.

You want a reason? Just because, really.

Please enjoy the Pixie in Panties gallery.

There. Made it without even a single inane comment (although I nearly had to day something about the Punished Brats Purple Panties, which seem to crop up quite a bit).

Don't forget that all of these films, and many, many more, are all available at Punished Brats, and they are well worth your time and your hard earned money. (There is a full review of the site on here somewhere).

Ta ta for now

All the best


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  1. Lovely little Pixie has big spanks and she spanks other girls too ,best Tim ,S,