Monday, 15 December 2014

It's Pixie's bottom - the result's show! The Amber Pixie Wells Trilogy Part 3

But before we get to the lovely shots of Pixie with a reddened rump, a couple of totally unconnected thoughts.

The ATVOD bollocks is starting to have an effect on UK spanking producers. The venerable Bars and Stripes site has been handed over to our good friend Mike the Dutchman, who is now the sole owner. As, of course, he is based in Holland this allows the site to continue to operate without fear of UK Censorship.

Whilst I've never been a member of the site I'll be interested to see what Mike does with it - his other sites Real Life Spankings and Spanked in Uniform are two of my favourites.

My mate John (the Chief) is officially relocating his always entertaining site Triple AAA Spanking to the US. In all fairness this was probably on the cards anyway, as his relationship with the stunning Miss Sarah Gregory has led him to spend more and more time over there, but as his blog makes clear the final push has been provided by this bastard legislation.

We know that Pandora has vowed to carry on with Dreams of Spanking with no changes, but it will be interesting to see what other UK spanking sites decide to do. I'm particularly keen to learn what Northern Spanking (another all time favourite) do.

Incidentally did you see Pandora on Channel 4? She was erudite, charming and intelligent, a wonderful advert for our kinky world, and all without offending anybody's sensibilities with the way that she described her website and interests.

You can find her interview and the supporting news story here:

Check it out; it's well worth a look.

And now onto the actual business of this post; the third part of the Pixie Trilogy, which ends, as all spankings should, with a nicely reddened bottom. And bottoms don't come much nicer than Pixie's!

As you will have spotted, the last couple of those don't actually show Pixie's derriere, or at least not naked, but I love to watch a well spanked young lady rubbing her rear.

Ready for as few more? Of course you are.

Hmmm. A combination of nude buttocks and some rubbing - a match made in Heaven. Or at least in my perverse imagination.

And to finish up for today, several more shots of Pixie clutching at her thoroughly spanked bottom.

Ah, I did enjoy that.

Well, that'll do for now; next time I think we might talk a little about a handful of my favourite female spankers. Will yours make the list? Tune in tomorrow (maybe) for the answer.

All the best


PS Of course, all of the lovely shots of the punished Pixie bottom come from Punished Brats, a site I'm sure that you are well aware of, and which is always worth checking out.

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