Thursday, 11 December 2014

Panties down Pixie - the Amber Pixie Wells Trilogy Part 2

Well, what could be nicer on a Friday than some pictures of Pixie's bare bottom being spanked? Very little, that I can think of.

And, of course, this post fulfills part of the promise of the title of my earlier post - trilogies require three entries and this is number two. Which you could tell from this title, I guess.

Anyway, to recap; Pixie is lovely, has a very spankable bottom, and has been spanked in lots of videos from pretty much every American site. All of these pictures are taken from the wonderful site that she co-owns, Punished Brats.

So, sit back and let me guide you, for a couple of minutes at least, through the delightful world of Pixie's bare and increasingly pink, bottom.

Oh, and stay with me until the end for an important announcement!

I was quite hoping that some witty comments might occur to me when I got around to actually writing this entry, but sadly my brain has gone into a state of premature Winter freeze, and refuses to come out with anything that isn't totally inane. I know, just like usual. 

Oh yes, and I buried the lead. So here it is:

NEWS ITEM; for those of us in the UK, BBC2 is showing the 2014 Proms version of Kiss Me Kate at 2.45 on Christmas Day, starring the rather stunning Alexandra Silber as Miss Vanessi/Kate. It's a fairly fully staged version of the play, but I don't know what they did about the spanking scene. Fingers crossed for a good one.

All the best


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