Monday, 8 December 2014

The Two Sides of Miss Lisa

Welcome to the working week. Or at least the slightly more active than I was yesterday week. Or day.

Recently we have eulogised the being spanked abilities of a couple of delightful American ladies but, you know, we don't do so badly producing spankie lasses over here either.

Today then I'd like to introduce you to Miss Lisa, an extremely proficient spanking switch, and an all round gorgeous lady.

I can't tell you very much about Lisa, other than that she is a full figured young (compared to me pretty much everyone is) lady, hailing from somewhere in South Yorkshire. She has a firm yet fleshy figure, and, of particular interest to us, a round and bouncing bottom. Plus, you know, a pretty hard spanking hand.

So, nothing too profound here, just a few pictures of Lisa spanking and being spanked. All of the pictures come from the Institute of Discipline group, specifically IoD itself, with additional pictures from The Lazy Maid, Strict Ladies and Strict Miss. I'm a far bigger fan of these sites than I'd generally care to admit, but they certainly have something that keeps bringing me back (here's a clue; it rhymes with tanking).

So, enjoy the following pictures please:-

Looking lovely over Katie's knee
Administering a well deserved smacking to Victoria's bottom
Nicely reddened rear
Doing a spot of reddening herself
Miss Katie has a hard hand
So does Miss Lisa, clearly
Sophie suffers silently (I love a bit of alliteration)
Pausing for breath (this spanking stuff can be tiring, you known)
Shock! Tim uses spanking picture that isn't OTK
Sophie soundly spanked again - she must really be naughty!

Oh yeah - Lisa spanks men as well
Things are about to get even less comfortable for Lisa

Honestly Lisa doesn't make the best schoolgirl, but she looks great getting the plimsoll in these shorts

I'd love to be over Lisa's knee

Still dreaming of this
And now the cane over those shorts - Katie does look annoyed

I don't think that Lisa's bottom looks like this often enough, although she may disagree

Lisa remonstrates with another naughty man

Having said that I'd like to be over Lisa's knee, I'd really like to have her over mine

And to finish, spanked in night attire (well, partly in PJ's. anyway)

And sadly that's your lot for today (not Pixie Lott, as she got voted off Strictly last night - I really despise Len); lots of reasons to seek out videos of Miss Lisa, an equal opportunities spanker with a naughty streak, to judge by how often she gets spanked herself.

All the best


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