Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why on earth aren't you reading....The Spank Statement?

Welcome, welcome. Wipe your feet on the mat; no, no, there's no need to take off your shoes - I'll vacuum tomorrow. Treat the place like it's your own.

But keep your thieving hands off my whiskey!

So, take a seat. The cold, dark evenings are drawing in, and there's a nasty biting wind outside. The heating's on, and the kettle's boiled. Relax, why don't you, and embark on a new voyage with Uncle Tum. Erm, I mean Tim.

This then is intended to be the first of a series of little articles about my favourite spanking sites. There'll be no pay sites, and we won't mention Chross ('cos he's far too obvious) but otherwise it'll just be what catches my attention.

Firstly then, the delightful The Spank Statement

This is a blog that's been running for at least seven years (the archive goes back to February 2007, so that's not a wild guess).

It's mission statement is...well, why don't I hand you over to the site itself and it's entertaining "about" page:-

  • The Spank Statement is a selection of news stories, photos, drawings, quotes, video, fiction, novel extracts, play scripts and more. It’s written and curated by Valdor with contributions fromHarry (theatre, media and FEMEN) Murray Roberts (fiction),Martyn (British television and history) JS666 (American film and history) Michael Gray (early cinema, theatre) Karl Friedrich Gauss (philosophy), Chross (loads of incoming visitors) Dave(loads of comments) Aga (Scandinavian affairs) and not forgettingEric (Film, vintage pornography, opera and cricket reports!)
  • The Spank Statement has been at the forefront of the trend towards celebrating the classic curvy hour-glass figure and the fuller bottom ever since it began publishing in 2007.
  • The Spank Statement welcomes contributions from readers. If you’d like to have a go at writing a guest post or just have something to bring to our attention please email the address at the top of the left navigation bar.
  • The Spank Statement welcomes comments from everyone especially the wider blogging community not just spanking enthusiasts.
  • The Spank Statement is redhead friendly.

Well, that's all very clear isn't it? I particularly like the Redhead comment; my wife is a redhead, and I've loved them all of my life. Can't argue with that.

The blog is exceptionally well organised, with clear headings across the top, and a list of categories, which link to the various categories.

The site has been one I've visited over the years, but posts were a bit occasional for a long while. Recently though it has been reinvigorated, with a series of regular updates on several themes, all of which I enjoy. In particular the site has brought to my attention a large number of mainstream spanking pictures that I hadn't previously seen.

At present the two main type of posts relate to spanking photos taken by mainstream photographers, and long well written and incredibly deeply researched articles on theatre spankings.

All of the articles are copiously illustrated with photographs, many of which will be new to you.

If you enjoy Richard Windsor's picture blog you'll love the Spank Statement, which of late has added pictures very frequently and in huge numbers - no single weekly shot for them!

You really should be a regular reader, and if you have a few spare hours to waste on some kinky entertainment you can do far worse than to trawl the archive. 

And that's it; quick, concise and over before you know it. Now, now, no sex jokes please. 

All the best


PS just a couple of quick piccies from The Spank Statement this time around.

PPS someone emailed to ask if I planned to update my blog every day from now on. Nope. No way. And especially not at weekends, but come back next week for more spanking fun. Oh yes, and lots more lovely pictures. 

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  1. Since you were kind enough to commend my work when it was published on the Spank Statement, you might be interested to know that it now appears on a blog of its own, Vanilla Spanking, which you can find here: The theater and photographers series continue as before, and there is often also a midweek post.