Monday, 27 October 2014

Dani goes to Holland (yes, it's a play on words)

First of all I suppose I should apologise for the dreadful title; of course I was going for a Frankie Goes to Hollywood reference, but it didn't really work. Ideally Holland needs an additional syllable. Or perhaps a gap between the two that are there?

Dani goes to Holl Land?

Deeply, deeply crap idea.

Ah well.

Secondly I must apologise for foisting such a lazy post on you. Inspiration failed to strike, my fingers were typed down to the first joint, I have a busy day, I'm still half asleep from watching last night's baseball.

Go on, pick an excuse. Reader's choice. 

Anyway, this rather picture heavy post is dedicated to the delightful Dani Hunt, and her adventures in Amsterdam with my good mate, Mike the Dutch Spanker.

And that really is all I have to say about that. Except for some idiotic but occasionally insightful comments on the pictures. Ah, who am I kidding. All captions are purely for my own enjoyment and may be ignored at your discretion.

Let us begin with this one:-

Oh look, a rare picture of Dani that doesn't directly involve spanking!

Ah that's better. Dani's bottom, meet Mike's hand.

Dani's bottom may be used to spanking but Mike's hand has smacked more than one bottom in it's time!

A carpet beater; for when the hand just won't do!

Dani has a flippin' hard hand (believe me, I know from personal experience)

Not as hard as Mike's though (no, not from personal experience! Good Lord! Just going on what I'm told by some of his models)

Dani getting her spank on again. Poor Monique (and after Dani has finished Mike will have a go too)

I absolutely adore the hair (back to my redhead fetish); Dani's bottom will soon be a similar colour

To boldly spank where no man has spanked before. No, hang on, that's not true. Even I've spanked Dani (and, believe me, I had a great time).

A leather strap; don't leave him without it.

Well, much as I enjoyed looking at the videos I grabbed those pictures from, I think it may be time to go away and have a busy day of doing nothing much.

See you again, dear reader.

All the best


PS pictures taken from videos produced for Real Life Spanking and Spanked in Uniform

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