Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rave On...It's a Crazy Feeling - or why I love RLS so much

So then, RLS. Or Real Life Spanking, as it's more formally known. It's the Dutch king of spanking video websites.

First of all, let's get one thing straight. This is not a website review (I did one of those a couple of years ago). No, this is a love letter to a site that continues to give me hours of simple but slightly sordid pleasure.

RLS is a site based around a simple proposition; there are naughty ladies out there, and Mike (the webmaster and principal spanker) is happy to punish them in an effort to keep them on the straight and narrow. And across his knee.

The plots in the videos are not complex; there isn't masses of build up to the punishments. The girls are told what they have done wrong, and how they will be punished, and away we go, amid gasps, sighs and very satisfying wriggling.

As I recall my review of the website was immensely positive; I think that the only possible negatives are that there is little variety in spankers, and the scenes aren't terribly distinctive, with the same basic story just recycled with a different girl.

Ah, but the girls! Mike has a real knack of locating spanking amateurs who cover pretty much all body types and racial divides, and all of whom look delightful over his knee. Another plus is that, while most of the spankees are in their twenties, they do range in age up to around 40, and I do appreciate seeing an older woman being spanked,

If you've read much of this blog you'll probably know that I'm not generally a fan of the male spankers who abound it video clips, but Mike is one of the rare exceptions. Whether it's because, being a little portly, he reminds me of a slimmer version of myself, or whether it's because he always seems to treat even the naughtiest of girls with genuine respect, I find him a joy to watch.

I have spoken to two or three of the ladies that he has spanked and all of them show real affection for him. He seems to form a lasting bond with everyone that works with him.

This is obvious if you take even a cursory glance at the site; there are masses of videos to watch! At present their appear to be 1315 of them, each of around 10 minutes in length. And there are 134 different bottoms getting smacked!

I appreciate the straightforward nature of these films, and, as they are generally titled after the names of the girls in them, they are easy to browse once downloaded.

The specific things that I like are, in no particular order:-

1. lots of over the knee spankings
2. firm but reasonable punishments
3. lots of progression, from over clothing down to bare bottomed spanking
4. faces; I love to see the face of a girl as the pain from her punishment builds
5. that magic shot from an angle in front of the young lady, which both captures her face and also her bottom as she lies over Mike's lap. You can see both buttocks, and Mike's hand. And a little of the redness. Love that shot. Like this one here:-

And this one.

Just one more.

6. A variety of implements but still a firm emphasis on a firm hand (hey, why doesn't someone create a web site called that?!!).

I'm not going to list the girls I like best, because, frankly, I'd still be writing this in two days time, and I do have a life outside of spanking. Admittedly it's dull, boring, humdrum and just kind of grey, but it exists. Proof is available on request.

In conclusion I can, hand on heart, say that, if you only wish to subscribe to one spanking video website, then this is the one. Or Northern Spanking. Or Spanked in Uniform. Or Triple AAA spanking. Or Dreams of Spanking. Or Punished Brats. Or one of the other great sites out there.

Damn. We really are spoilt for choice. Just have a look around, read a few reviews perhaps, and see what best fits your version of our kink. 

But I think that this is my personal favourite. At the moment, at any rate.

Enough for now; I'm off to bully my son into grilling me some nice meaty bacon for a sandwich. Got to keep my strength up, and my stomach filled.

All the best

Tim the Tum

PS in case you're just looking at the pictures, they all came from Real Life Spanking, but, hey, I'm sure you worked that out, dear reader. Oh, and to avoid any confusion, these are my own screen grabs - the image quality offered by Mike is much higher.

PPS don't confuse RLS with Real Spankings; they're very different sites (although I quite like the latter as well, although for different reasons; we may have to discuss them one day!)

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