Saturday, 25 October 2014

What? You really expect me to post on a weekend?

What are you doing here? It's Saturday. I take the weekend off. That's right - I spend a couple of days with me lazy arse in bed, not wandering around the internet trying to find fun stuff for you lot.

Still and all, I suppose you've made the effort; it might have taken you as much as three mouse clicks to get here. I bet you're exhausted. Perhaps you deserve some small reward.

Okay then - next week I'm planning on doing a site review of The Institute of Discipline, for your delight and delectation. And information, I guess. 

But look at you champing at the bit - you don't want to wait until next week for some tasty pictures of pretty girls getting their bottoms soundly spanked, do you? Hell, I wouldn't if it were me - you clearly need something to occupy your minds (and, just possibly, one of your hands).

As a small thank you for keeping coming back this week (yay, 5 posts in 5 days!) I'll just throw up a couple of preview snaps I've grabbed from IoD videos. Shush though - don't tell anyone. This is just between you and me. A little gift.

So here they are - enjoy them and hurry back next week for more disciplinary mayhem. And the occasional awkward joke.

Katie Strickland spanks Vicki Carter

Miss Strickland canes Michelle Monroe (you may remember that I reviewed Michelle's site Strict English CP a couple of years ago)

Kim Harrison gets soundly spanked

Sophie over the knee of the wonderful Miss Lisa Bircham

The stunning Paris gets spanked (although that's not what they call her on IoD)

The beautiful Miranda (aka Scarlett Rose) over the knee of Miss Strickland (you'll see her face next week when I publish my review)

I love to see spanked girls rubbing their sore bottoms

My favourite female top on the receiving end; ladies and gentlemen, Miss Tamara Kenworthy

Trinny gets the slipper

Oh yes, Tamara as we're much more used to seeing her - delivering a sound spanking.

Well, hopefully you'll like some of those snaps; as mentioned they're all taken from The Institute of Discipline, and you could do far worse things than checking it out ahead of my comprehensive review.

All the best


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