Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pandora Blake goes to Holland

It was another late night with the World Series this morning, but at least there's only one more game to go. And yes, I realise that baseball is "the American Game" (according to Walt Whitman), and I'm English, but I just find it compelling. Also baseball just has a different dynamic to every other team sport, as even the best team will always lose 40 or 50 games each season. Every other major team sport offers the possibility of being undefeated.

Well look, I may be lazy (and for may be, feel free to read "certainly bloody is") but I'm not dim. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Dani Hunt post, and it was relatively little work.

I therefore have a plan; it's not a grand design, and it's certainly not as cunning as a fox with a degree in cunning from Oxford University (which line my memory insists I've lifted or possibly paraphrased, from Blackadder) but it is a viable way of filling up this blog on the days when anything new, original or compelling entirely defeats me. Or I'm just too bloody tired.

I am therefore preparing a series of these posts, based around some of our (or at least my) favourite spanking models and their work in Amsterdam with Mike the Spanking Dutchman. Most pictures will come from Spanked in Uniform, as Real Life Spanking is mostly reserved for amateurs.

Here then is number two in our series, featuring the wonderful Pandora Blake, whose own site, Dreams of Spanking, seems to go from strength to strength.

Enough words; I don't want to strain your eyes. On to the pretty pictures!

The rather attractive Miss Blake; before the spankings start

Mike swings into action; that really is Pandora, despite the blurry "moved as I grabbed it" quality

Reaching back will not save you from the wrath of Mike!

The pinkness of this outfit is entirely out of Pandora's control (the impending pinkness of her bottom is also something she is unable to prevent)

Yes, as we've established, Mike has a hard hand

Watch out, watch out, Amelia's about!

Everyone cheer! It's Pandora's rear! (And if that doesn't prove that I'm lazy today nothing will)

Oh look - a slap and grab

I love this expression; I only wish that I had the chance to cause it myself

Oh, I dunno. Whack? What do you mean, that's not original?

I think we'll have to table out discussions about this one! Okay, nearly time to finish 'cos these comments are going from bad to worse

It's the end of this post as we know it. And it's also Pandora's rear end, looking particularly lovely in black knickers.

And that's all we have time for, spanking fans. Hurry back; I've got a bag load of these things, and the puns just get worse and worse. Please leave all critical faculties at the door.

All the best


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