Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A very satisfying morning.

I don't know if you have kids, but I do; 2 of them. I really love them of course, but the little sods never seem to both leave the house at the same time; certainly not when both Jude and I are both in!

This morning however they're both at school. I'm lazing around, and Jude is working a late shift, so she doesn't have to be at work until 12.15.

You know what that means, right? Sexy spanking time! Whoo hoo!

We fool around in the living room for a while. Just some squeezing, rubbing and kissing. You know, in some ways I miss being a teenager, when that was as far as you would go, and you expected nothing more. I wish I could still get so aroused by so little! Ah well.

After a while we wind our way upstairs to the bedroom; we fondle each other a little more, and I lose my jeans somewhere along the way. Somehow, despite several minutes of petting, my hands are still cold; I slip them under Jude's jumper, and rub against the small of her back. She gasps with shock, and tells me that wasn't a nice thing to do. In fact it deserves a spanking!

She sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me across her lap; her hand is small but solid, and she spanks quite soundly. The slaps on my underpants warm my bottom nicely, and when she pulls them down I'm already pink. She continues to spank, a stinging tattoo all over my behind. Each smack brings a small explosion of pleasurable pain, and I fell my erection rubbing against her thighs. I reach back and, worming my way under her jumper, I tease her nipple as her slaps become less frequent.

Time to move on; I am near to spurting.

I climb off Jude, and she cups my balls as we kiss. I take her hand and lead her around to the bottom of the bed. Sitting down I pull her over my left knee, so that I can watch her bottom in the mirror that adorns the nearby wall. I slap her bottom a few times, over her leggings, and watch as it wobbles beneath my smacks. I pull down her grey leggings; she is wearing white nylon panties, which are pulled tight by her position.

She gasps as I lay on a dozen or so spanks, mainly against the underside of her cheeks; the area below her panties reddens. I intended leaving it at that, but an idea occurs to me; I pull down the thin cover, leaving her undefended. With my left hand I reach under her, and slip a finger into her well-moistened pussy. I move it back and forth a couple of times, and then begin to spank her with my right hand. Each blow is firm, my flat palm bouncing off taut flesh, and forcing my finger knuckle deep into her.

Jude cries out; looking back I see her head is turned and her eyes are wide with the shock of sensation. I spank her a few more times; she pants and whines. Her bottom is quite red, and warm beneath my hand.

I withdraw my finger, as Jude tenses, trying to catch it in her trap. I stand her up, and she sways, unsteady with lust and joy. I turn her around, and push her backwards onto the bed; she lies there, dazed. I shrug her further up the bed, so that I can lie across its edge, and I bury my face in her crotch, my tongue thrusting into her. She is hot and wet, and tight. I flick back and forth; I draw her in between my lips with a tiny suck, and I catch moisture in my mouth.

Her back arches; she is ready. My tongue surges inwards, and rubs and taps. Jude squeals, and shudders as she comes. She sinks back onto the bed, as I clamber up beside her. She grabs my dick, and with two of three quick firm rubs it is bursting for her.

She rolls me onto my back, and climbs aboard; I slide deep within her, as she flexes her muscles, pinching me tenderly. She rises and falls, riding me towards an inevitable climax. She pants with the rhythm, pole dancing on the bed.

It doesn't take long; I've been stimulated for minutes. I grunt, and lift her clear off the mattress as I cum; as I pump hot liquid into her she joins me in exultation.

We collapse alongside side each other; our eyes meet, each sparkling like celebratory champagne. We grin our mutual pleasure at each other, and reach to cuddle at the same time.

What can I say? We don't often get the chance to be together, but this was a very satisfying morning indeed!

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