Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I don't know how experienced a spanker/spankee you are, but even the least experienced have, I'm sure, tried spankings in a number of different positions. The use of certain implements (the cane, belt or large paddle) require a victim bending or leaning, across a sofa arm, the back of a chair or against a wall.

Circumstances can also dictate a choice; if you're in the bedroom then lying across the edge of the bed may seem a natural choice. Similarly if you are in the bathroom then across the edge of the bath seems logical.

But over and above the practical issues there is one greater issue; what feels best? The answer to that, for me, is always across the knee.

Actually that may require a little clarification; across the knee would really be a position where the spanker is kneeling, as if to propose, and the spankee lies across the uplifted knee, like in the 1953 movie version of Kiss Me Kate.

What I actually mean by over the knee is across the lap; the spanker sits, providing a flattened area for the naughty girl/boy to lie across; like in the pictures above for instance (all of which I've borrowed from the Cameron Dawn webgroup, copyright as marked).

Overwhelmingly OTK (which I will continue to call it) is the most intimate position for spanking; that's inevitable, given the proximity of bodies. As a spanker, having a women's body lying over my lap, often pressing against my genitals, is exciting even without the spanking itself. During an actual punishment I will become aroused, and a writhing body rubbing against my engorged penis has certain obvious physical effects.

Leaving aside the friction benefits, the look of a body presented over your knee is exciting; the curve of the body enhancing the buttocks, legs trailing away from exposed flesh, is an appealing image.

For those moved by the psychological elements of spanking there is the throwback to childhood; most parental spankings are, I believe, administered over the knee. It's easy to control a wriggling body in that position. For myself I find being put over a severe looking lady's knee is exciting. Very exciting.

I do have an abiding fantasy of being put over the knee of a traditional lady teacher; I've written stories about it. I'll post one here tomorrow.

When spanking you participate more; every spank you give echoes through your legs and loins, as your spankee is driven against you. You feel every little jerk, and twist. I always feel more stern spanking a naughty girl supine across my lap.

Even threatening to put a girl across my knee has an evocative edge; "place yourself across my lap" is a favourite phrase (even if used more in my imagination than in reality).

Spanking a girl bent over a chair just doesn't seem as exciting, to me. I'll still enjoy it, of course, but, wherever possible, across my knee they'll go.

What do you think?

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