Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Textures (and a few digressions)

I love the female bottom, and I love to spank it. Bottoms are wonderful, rounded and fleshy; they grow pink so easily, and they wobble delightfully when you smack them.

But must they always be bare?

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not a puritan or a prude. There's nothing wrong with bare flesh, and smacking it can be wonderful. It's just that I think there are real benefits to smacking clothed bottoms as well.

Take the picture above; it's the wonderful Leia Ann Woods (picture from AAA Spanking) . As you can see her bottom is fully covered. I don't believe that it's any less smackable for all that.

You see, for me, spankings have two main elements; the psychological (which I will discuss in a future post) and the tactile.

I'm certainly not a hard spanker but I love the feeling of my palm striking against pliant flesh; it's just that, covered by a little skirt, or a tight pair of jeans perhaps, I think the feeling is actually enhanced.

Imagine a bottom covered in black silky knickers; the slippery feel of the fabric, the way that the buttocks are drawn in, presented for your hand. The slap as you swat the raised flesh.

I know most readers will not agree with me, but I just like the realism of spanking over clothes; I hate school scenes with bare-bottomed canings. I was at school when corporal punishment was a reality, and this just didn't happen (well, apart from with the odd perverted teacher). I actually watch some spanking videos only until the underwear comes down, and then I look elsewhere.

Leia, as shown above, is pretty much perfect; her splendidly rounded bottom is a pleasure to see, whether covered or not. This is the case with the majority of spanking models, but they are the fantasy. For most of us, the men and women we spank are not perfect physical specimens; a lot are getting on a bit, in their middle years or later, and things inevitably sag a bit.

There's nothing wrong with this; I am far from a perfect physical specimen myself. Sometimes the fantasy can be prolonged by spanking over clothes.

Two digressions; I've always been impressed by the attitude of Miss Shannelle (http://www.shanelle.co.uk/). On her site not all of the models are perfect; some are frankly a bit fat and wrinkled. This is how people are (at least by the time that they get to my age).

Some years ago now I came across a site called Spanking over Skirts (http://spankingoverskirts.com/) which really does cater to my demographic, to a large extent. The models are a mixture of the everyday, and the perfect (I first saw the wonderful Pandora Blake on the site, one of my favourite models around), and the spankings are generally quite mild. Unfortunately I find the main spanker a bit irritating (in one clip he punishes an office worker for her dress, whilst wearing a shell suit and baseball cap - it removed me from the fantasy entirely), but some of the clips are good.

None of this should be taken as a criticism of those professional models with their perfect (to my eyes at least) figures; many of them work hard to maintain their shape, and there is certainly nothing wrong with admiring the fantasy figure. It's natural to want to watch figures you could never aspire to spank in real life (although some, Leia in particular, do continue to do one to one sessions).

In the end spanking is very much a personal issue; some spank harder, some gently, some like bare flesh from the beginning, and some like to spank covered bottoms. It's a broad church (unlike most churches, in my experience); keep spanking on!

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