Tuesday, 8 November 2011

About Brushstrokes - The Spanking Spot

I love Brushstrokes' site, for his enthusiastically illustrated round up of the pay spanking sites, and his thoughtful video reviews. He is amusing and charming, and I was a little worried that he hadn't updated his site for the last week.

I am happy to confirm that we have exchanged emails and that he is fine; the recent inclement weather in the US has resulted in a downed tree severing his power lines; he'll be back as soon as the power company get around to fixing this.

I suppose they have a lot of work to do at present.

Anyway, this was a wonderful excuse to use a picture snatched from The Spanking Spot, and originally from Firm Hand Spanking, of the incredibly appealing Kelly Morgan.

Never fear, Brushstrokes will be back shortly!

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