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Superstar Spanking Interview - the fabulous Molly Malone

Well, here we are again with another fascinating interview with one of the UK's real spanking superstars - the effervescent Molly Malone!

Molly seems to have exploded onto the scene in the last two or three years, initially appearing on Pandora's Dreams of Spanking, but subsequently being in demand on a number of spanking sites. She's a tall well spoken girl who seems equally comfortable topping, as well as taking a damn good spanking!

Clearly Molly is a lady of taste and discernment, as she volunteered her time to answer some questions for me, and here they are, for your reading pleasure.

I hope you get as much fun out of them as I did.

1. On your website you say that spanking became your passion in January 2011. What was your spanking background before that?

I really didn't have one - other than perhaps in my head! I had always wanted to be spanked, but I had never wanted to ask a partner. It didn't even occur to me! I did receive some CP as a youngster, and hated it... but I do remember gleefully comparing hand prints with my sister and loving the marks! 

2. How did you decide on the name Molly Malone?

What do you mean? Are you suggesting it's a pseudonym?! 

It's such a silly story.... I was in a pub, named, you guessed it, Molly Malone's, when I got a call from Zoe Montana saying that she had my first ever session lined up for me, and I needed to choose a name, fast! I reached for a pub menu, and voila! I never thought it would stick, but it didn't take long before I knew the name had chosen me!

3. Which came first; videos or 1 2 1s?

121's. I was never that keen on the idea of filming but changed my mind when I got a chance to do my first film with Zoe and Leia for the wonderful Northern Spanking. I then ended up doing lots for Dreams of Spanking as I simply adored Pandora's idea of feminist, radical and gender bending porn. I wanted to be involved in that. 

Well, it's hard to imagine two better spanking sites to work with; you all know how much I enjoy Northern Spanking, and Pandora's work is currently the most innovative around

4. What's your personal favourite role play?

I absolutely love fucking with gender. I think my favourite role-play which I often enact, is The Schoolgirls Revenge, whereby I honey trap my old headmaster into having a spanking session, a boring old school roleplay with me as a school girl - then I turn the tables, forcing him into a school uniform and playing out the rest of the switch as the headmaster, making the 'school-girl' call me sir and being terribly pervy! 

Molly does a very entertaining version of this in one of the videos on Dreams of Spanking

5. It's interesting that you insist on 2 hour sessions. Could you explain your reasons for that please? (I know that you cover this on your site, but I thought it would interest the general reader)

It's partly because I think for a good session, including a warm up, you just need more than an hour. Especially as most of my sessions are switch. In order for us both to get a good thrashing, two hours is a minimum! 

But it is also because I like to spend some time socialising over a cup of tea or glass of vino, discussing the scene, getting excited, telling each other about how we are feeling on the day and what our desires and limits are for the session: discussing safe words, hot phrases we want to use, how we might develop the role-play if there is one, etc. Anyone who is not prepared to put that time in to make the session a sizzling one, isn't someone I particularly want to be playing with. 

6. What exactly do you get from 1 2 1's? Do you think that you'll continue with them more or less indefinitely, as quite a number of ladies seem to be dropping out just at present?

I get so so much from my 121 sessions. It's where I thrive. I am a social creature and I absolutely love bringing someone's fantasy to life. Someone described me recently as a kink chameleon... I get really excited about other people's fetishes or specific role-play ideas, and can get super into them. Plus, of course, I adore spanking and being spanked! It's not something I get at home, so 121's satiate my desire.  

7. Last question on the topic, honest. How frequently do you find that you session?

It varies a lot, and I like to take a few weeks off every few months (jammy bastard!). A busy week is 5 sessions, a quiet week is 2 

8. Do you regularly read spanking blogs or forums (not fishing for compliments for this blog, I'm just curious)?

I read a fair amount of sex ed blogs, and I love Pandora's Spanked, Not Silenced. I'm into the more political aspect of porn, sex work, sex workers rights and sex education. But if you're asking what porn I watch, now that's a different question!

Now I really wish that I had thought to ask that question! One for future interviews perhaps.

9. Is there anyone in particular in Spanking Land that you really want to work with?

I have a bit of a Ten Amorette crush but somehow miss her every time she's over! I also would love to visit the states and dive into the queer porn scene over there. 

10. What frustrates you most about the Spanking Scene (apart from how horrible that phrase is)?

This is such a droll answer, but i's the truth - my biggest gripe is the lack of a perfect venue. I dream of a place in central London that is large and spacious, with big school rooms, plus domestic living rooms and bedrooms and an office! It's wishful thinking in London. I have the perfect venue out in Surrey which I am so lucky to use. I occasionally host parties there, but it's a bit far out for a lot of people. 

11. There is often debate on the forums about the degree to which spanking is a sexual act. Where do you stand on this?

I think each individual has a different interpretation of what their spanking interest means to them, and I wouldn't dream of denying someone their own experience. For some people, the act of spanking, or being spanked, does not create that sexy feeling, or doesn't feel in the same league as other, perhaps more genital specific sex acts. 

Having said that, I think spanking, even in the most physiological sense (touching the bare skin, attracting blood to the genital area) can be arousing. It's why it is totally inappropriate to spank a child (in my opinion). Not to mention the fact that for most of us, we have eroticised the act and ritual of spanking. It's a sexual fetish, even if it doesn't revolve around traditional 'sex'. 

Personally I think spanking is sexy as fuck. 

I think that this is probably the perfect answer, by which I mean it reflects my views perfectly. Sorry but for me those who view spanking as non-sexual are kidding themselves - acts don't need to lead to intercourse, or even the desire for intercourse, to be sexual.

12. Have you ever thought about getting into the production side of spanking videos yourself?

Not spanking videos per se, but I am in talks with a co-producer and hope to be making UK queer porn by March this year. 

13. After spending several years in a lifestyle dominated by spanking, do you still get a thrill when you hear someone say the word?

Of course! Even if it makes a brief appearance in The Simpsons I squeal in delight!

I was playing with a lady the other week who commented that she had heard Katie Price say, rather contemptuously, "What are you going to do, spank me?" on some show, and she was bursting with excitement at hearing it unexpectedly on mainstream tv.

14. You seem to be in increasing demand as a spanking model (quite rightly). Do you find it at all unnerving that so many people fixate basically on one part of your body?

If I'm honest, I don't think that it's my bottom that is the fixation. I think the truth of all sex workers, is that you meet clients that you click with, and you build a rapport. You learn about each other and the chemistry and trust increases to create wonderful sessions. I get lots of bottom compliments, as I do admirers of my firm right hand!, but I think the physical attraction, or bottom appreciation isn't what keeps me busy! I do tend to throw myself into role-play (maybe a missed calling in Am-Dram!) and I think those who are into role-play, really enjoy that. 

15. You are quite unusual (in my experience at least) in being a switch from the very beginning; most of the switches I know began as either a top or bottom, and gradually found an interest in the other role. To what do you attribute your flexibility?

I am a switch in every aspect of my life, and always have been. 

I identify as gender queer, and I enjoy partners of all genders. I am an "And" person, not an "Or" person! Some people call it greedy, but I would defend myself by saying it's more about my empathy, or desire to Feel It All. When I'm on the receiving end (of almost anything) I can't wait to experience what it's like to give, and vice versa! 

Having said that, some people bring out my more submissive nature, and other people make me feel huge and I just know I could Top them perfectly. 

16. Do you find that you get different things from the two roles, and if so, what? I tend to find spanking arousing, but being spanked is cathartic.

This really depends on the person I'm playing with, our dynamic, and how we are on the day. There are partners where I have the same experience as you, and others where I experience the opposite effect. 

For me, when I get really into Topping, I feel huge: I fill the room and I feel this sense of nurturing, of being like a pine tree, of feeling all knowing. When a scene is just flying, and you are driving it, knowing exactly what to say and do, leaving a long pause between blows, knowing that your bottom is totally giving themselves over to you and awaiting your every move, trusting you completely, and know that without doubt, you are sending them into that beautiful sub-space... Its such a confidence boost. And it can really turn me on. 

Bottoming, and truly submitting is a rare chance to be held in vulnerability. To feel small. To feel totally cared for. It can feel sexy, or it can feel cathartic, but the over arching feeling is one of letting go, and knowing I'll be caught. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most eloquent descriptions of the spanking experience that I've ever come across. Doesn't it make you want to play with Molly right now?

17. Are spanking videos pornography? Does it matter if they are?

Defining porn could be an essay in itself. Suffice to say, I love porn, I'm a porn geek, and I want to see more and more consensual, feminist porn that challenges the heteronormative matrix, and of course that includes all the wonderful ways we can express our sexuality: be that spanking, bondage, wrestling, age-play. 

I reckon if you can wank to it.....

Which is also eloquent in it's own way!

18. Do you see spanking gaining more mainstream acceptance, or is it's current vogue just a fad inspired by Fifties Shades of Grey, and it's copycats?

I think consensual spanking is an act that is far more widely enjoyed than we realise, as is bondage, and probably role-play.  If there's one good thing to come out of Those Books, it's that we have a language to discuss this stuff now. My Nan knows what being kinky means. If we can encourage people to explore their bodies and their sexualities, and start challenging the shame narrative we have all been force-fed, then we are doing Good Things.  

19. What is your one wish for the spanking world in the next couple of years?

That we come together to form a larger network, including all sex workers and allies, to fight the stigma that does so much damage. To unite in the fight for full decriminalisation and to raise awareness, and challenge whorephobia, and to put an end to the hierarchy that is so often present in our communities. 

20. Do you ever come to Birmingham? I thought I'd finish up with a totally trivial and selfish question.

I'm ashamed to say, I have never been! But you never know...

I hope you all enjoyed that (ignoring my comments of course). Molly is a delight, and fiercely intelligent. 

Please post any comments you may have about this, or any other post.

All the best


All pictures show the divine Miss Molly, of course, and they're from either Dreams of Spanking or English Spankers (via Remington Steel)


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  2. what a superb interview, i feel that i really must meet this special lady for a session...and soon!
    thank you so much for sharing your views so openly, best wishes,

    richard x

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