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I do believe it's time for another pay site review - OTK Spankings

As it turns out, I took a slightly more extended Christmas break than I intended, but, hey, I'm back now! All cheer and stomp, and march triumphantly to your computer.

I should mention that I started to write this review on New Year's Eve, and then got sidetracked, so it starts off a little strangely. I was going to alter it but then I thought, ah, I can't be bothered - it's just domestic details but let's leave them in.
Betty spanks Lori

Accordingly you may feel inclined to skip the next 4 paragraphs or so, unless you wish to be dazzled by my scintillating prose. Or you have a high boredom threshold.

Are you sitting comfortably? Let's just pretend that it's December 31st, and proceed accordingly.

Pause whilst we travel back in time. Wooooooo!


Well, Christmas already feels like a distant memory, and New Year's Eve means pretty much nothing to me, so I'm slightly in the doldrums. Although as I've never actually used that word before, I might celebrate a first there.

To top things off, our central heating boiler broke yesterday (boo, hiss), so I'm waiting for an engineer to call (sometime this afternoon). Oh, and my football team are doing dreadfully, and sacked their manager yesterday. 

Still, I had a very nice Christmas, with lots of lovely food and drink. I cooked most of it, of course, but everyone appreciated it, and I still have a handful of lovely crispy mince pies to munch (filled with mince meat, tangerines and apple - scrumilicious, especially with a dollop of cream).
Mr Daniels spanks Elizabeth

I'm sure that you were all fascinated by those domestic details, but now, on to the point of today's post - a spanking site review.

Now, OTK Spankings combines two of my favourite things; spanking and over the knee positioning. I guess that I've mentioned those things before? Are you sure? Yes, I thought so.

OTK Spankings is part of the Real Spankings Network, and makes good use of the fact. On which a little more later.
The Dean spanks Jade

Some housekeeping issues to start with. The site costs an extremely reasonable US$14.95 per month (which is around £11.55 for those of us still marooned on this little island) and there is also the option of a 3 month membership for US$29.95 (which is really tremendous value). Memberships are on a recurring basis, and processed through CCBill.

Membership can also be obtained through the Real Spankings Pass, which gives membership of 8 sites for US$69.95.

The site does have a download restriction, but as this is 5gb in a six hour period few browsers will fall foul of it; file sizes aren't massive, so you'll need to make a determined effort in order to actually exceed the limit.
Cindy spanks Brandi

Alternatively you could just be obsessive like I am! However the webmaster will quickly reset your account on receipt of an email explaining your problem.

On logging in you are confronted with a contents page, which splits the available films into those filmed exclusively for the site, and those uploaded to other RSN sites but available here as they feature OTK spankings.

The exclusive content has been a bit sparse of late, with only 7 films in 2014 (at other times there have been many more of them). However this is frankly irrelevant, because the other sites provide a slew of new material. There are 13 new videos in December alone, which compares favourably with virtually every spanking site that I know.
Betty spanks Riley

From the homepage you have three main options; view the exclusive content, of which there is quite a lot given the site has been running for several years, go to the OTK spanking content on one of the linked sites, or use the search function. This latter option allows you to being up a chronological list of all available films from all of the sites.

You can also search specific spankees and spankers.

I suppose, for information purposes, it would be a good idea to list the sites featured. They are:-

Real Spankings
Real Spankings Institute
Spanking Teen Brandi
Spanking Teen Jessica

One small word of warning; if you've already been a member of one of these (as I have with Real Spankings) you will be double dipping on the films featured there.
Mr Daniels and Elizabeth again

Image quality is decent, the films being offered in a choice of high or low bandwidth versions. The file size, even on the high quality versions, rarely exceeds 60 mb, and is often a lot smaller.

Each film also has a nice set of still pictures, so you cancheck out what you are getting before downloading. Or you could just get the pretty piccies, if that's your thing.

Most films are offered in two parts, one generally shot with a view including the face of the spankee, and another from a view favouring the bottom. Where there is only one film this will be a mixture of the two angles.

Will you recognise any of the models? Well, unless you regularly spend time in the RSN universe, only a handful. I've come across Kailee, Mrs Burns (also known as Veronica Daniels), Cindy Baker and Betty elsewhere, and one or two of the other girls look familiarish, but I can't actually confirm that I've seem them on other sites.

This can be a virtue or an issue, depending on your point of view. I quite like to see other girls than our standard set being spanked, and you will quickly learn which of the girls here most suit your fantasies and desires. They are pretty and quite young on the whole.

Elizabeth and Monica

Another real positive (for me) is that most of the female spankers also feature as spankees. I know that this one of my own personal things, but even so it's nice to see it. In particular I love to see Veronica Daniels (aka Elizabeth Burns) being spanked.

Actually I really like her as a top too, and there's plenty of that here.

The films themselves are usually of around 5 minutes long. Give or take. More or less. You get the idea, I'm sure.

Whilst some feature detailed scolding, and a list of sins, most hurry along to the action. Quick chat, and then over the knee, for a comprehensive spanking.

Kailee spanks Claire

Most films feature hand spanking, although there are quite a few with the popular OTK appropriate implements, especially hairbrushes and leather paddles.

Some films start over clothes and progress, but the majority get straight to bare bottomed chastisement. There is a fair amount of nudity too, but little overtly sexual behaviour.

As suggested above, the spankings can be quite severe, with very well reddened rumps. There is a fair amount of crying (y'know, I typed that as frying initially, which may be a Freudian slip given the amount of heat generated by some of these punishments), but not, thankfully, from the first smack.

Mr Daniels spanks Kailee

This site is extremely upfront about what it offers: hard OTK spankings (it says "the best" in it's logo but that's really down to individual taste) and it certainly delivers. It does exactly what it says on the tin, as the rather annoying DIY advert says.

I love OTK spanking, but in one way this does highlight the site's only real problem; after a while the many spankings begin to get just a little bit repetitive. The spankings are well delivered, the tops (even the guys) are fine and the girls are lovely. Two or three (I'm thinking here of Riley and Natalie in particular) are wonderful, and I'd be happy to see them spanked anytime. However, there is a bit of a lack of variety, or imagination in the storylines.

Miss J and Sarah

My only other criticism might be peculiar to me, and seen by other spankos as a real positive. I don't much like the splitting of perspective into separate films. Admittedly it allows you to concentrate on the angle you prefer, but it does tend to make the scenes seem a little static.

To sum up then, is this site worth your money? Well, the cost is extremely modest, and, because of the link to OTK scenes on other sites in the Network, there is an absolute mass of videos to download.

Elizabeth spanks Riley

The spankings are very firm without being excessive, the models are attractive and believable, the female spankers are great and the male tops aren't too irritating.

If, like me, you love to see ladies being spanked over the knee, you will certainly find much to enjoy. And it doesn't matter if you prefer M/F or F/F, there's lots of both with so many films available.

Downloading is quick and the image quality is fine.

Mr Daniels and Jasmine

As I mentioned above I have a small reservation about the lack of variety, but that may be unreasonable given the site delivers exactly what it says it does, and my personal preference for the filming angles to be mixed together more often is just that - my particular thing.

While I can't recommend the site totally without reservation, the vast majority of spanking film fans will enjoy what's on offer, and, as I keep saying, there is a hell of a lot of it, so no one can complain that they're not getting their money's worth.

Kailee spanks Natalie

It's certainly worth spending the relatively small number of pounds (or dollars, or euros) to give it a look, and the results will keep you occupied for some time. It really is quite hard to argue with the value that this site delivers. 

And that's it for today; back soon with a Superstar spanking interview, and another site review.

Have a fine day, and spank happily (of course, I think it's impossible to spank any other way).

All the best


With a startling lack of imagination on my part, all pictures come courtesy of OTK Spankings. I bet you guessed that, didn't you?

(Just to catch up, my boiler was fixed in the afternoon, as advertised by our insurers, and my team have a new and, hopefully, more effective manager - at least we've won two matches in a row).

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