Friday, 16 January 2015

A lesser known spanking scene - Negra Consentida

Just a quick post, in between bigger more significant ones - a little light old fashioned spanking to clear your palette between huge mouthfuls of site reviews and spanking star interviews.

This post relates to a Spanish film, Negra Consentida (1949), usually viewed in the US under the title My Spoiled Darling, but also known as Spoiled Brunette, apparently.

The spankee here is Meche Barba, who was 27 at the time of the film being released.

I have seen the film, but only in a Spanish language version without subtitles. Now my Spanish is a bit limited - I know about 5 words, although one of those is for spanking. Accordingly I have very little idea what is going on.

Anyway, I have here a handful of stills from the scene in question; they're my own screen captures and the image quality wasn't great, so don't expect too much. I'm sure that Chross will produce a copy of the actual clip any day now.

Here we go then:-

Before the spanking
He's starting to think about it
And over his knee she goes
First smack coming up
And there it somewhat unclearly is
Some reaction to the spank
And then the action cuts away to the nightclub we are in, with some big bruiser striding towards the dressing room in which the fun stuff is taking place.

But wait...we cut back to the spanking scene:-
Hand applied to appropriate area

Another spank in progress
As the smack lands the bruiser enters the room
And our hero starts to rise, dropping the slightly spanked lady to the floor
And all too quickly the fun is over; we see (I think) one smack initially, and then 2 more after the cut back to our scene.

Not too great, but not one I was aware of before this week.

Back after the weekend with another review and another interview.

All the best


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