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Superstar Spanking Interview - the delightful Fae Corbin

Well, it's been a little while since I did one of these, although as luck would have it I have two or three more in the pipeline, which will probably appear in the next month or two.

This time I've been lucky enough to get together with the spectacularly elfin Fae Corbin, a British fetish model who has been around the scene for some years, and who also does 1 to 1 sessions. She is a regular at the Central Spanking Parties held frequently in Sheffield and Nuneaton (and in fact I will be attending the February one in the Midlands, which will be my first time at such an event).

Fae very kindly took the time to answer my awkward and intrusive questions, and her responses are both thoughtful and amusing. 

If you want to know more about Fae you should check out her Spankeefinder advert (which is the linked here), and her own website, where you'll find many more pictures of her. I promise you that it's well worth a few minutes of your time!

So then, on to the interview.

1. I love your name. Where does it come from?

The name 'Corbin' means 'little raven'.  I have black hair and I'm partner came up with it and it feels like me now.

2. When did you realise that you had an interest in spanking?

In spanking?  Well, I only found out about the spanking scene when I first started doing 121s, or shortly before, so just over three years ago.  Though I knew I enjoyed being whipped, flogged, spanked etc much earlier.

In fact I think back to being a teenager and to some of the urges I had, though I didn't know about spanking OR BDSM then, I just thought I was weird!  Nowadays I know otherwise; I think it's a lot more 'normal' than we think, it's just a lot of people hide from it.

I agree entirely with Fae on this; I think a lot of people who might be interested in these games we play suppress any thoughts of it because they think it it in some way wrong. Their loss, I think.

Bars and Stripes (with Zoe Page)

3. Please tell us a little about your spanking history

Yikes, you want me to write a novel!  Okay well I was doing a course to get into university and I was loving all the learning (yes I'm a bit of a nerd in that sense; I even get excited over essay questions!) and then the unthinkable happened and the teacher wanted me to do a presentation in front of the class.....I couldn't do it!  I was so I quit the course and everything!  (I deserve a spanking just for that, right?)

I didn't wanna do nothing and I felt silly for quitting because I was I decided to try porn as is there such thing as a shy porn star lol?  I did that for a short while and one of the shoots I got was for a spanking website.  I liked that, as I was into BDSM and so I knew I liked being whipped and spanked.  It just progressed from there really, I kept looking for more and more spanking shoots and then someone I worked with put me in touch with a guy who does spanking parties and I tried a 121 with him and then a party and here I am.  I couldn't give it up now, it's such a huge part of who I am.

Yes Fae, you certainly deserve a spanking for quitting your course, and I hope to have the opportunity to give it to you at some point in the near future. And I have to say that going into porn to cure shyness is, well, novel.

Bars and Stripes (and the frightening Miss Page once again)

4. Could you explain a little further how you became involved in spanking parties?

I got introduced to a guy who runs them when I did a spanking shoot.  He had a 121 with me first, to vet me I guess, check I was suitable for parties.  I didn't know anything at all about 121s or parties until then.  After I did my first party, in December 2011 I think it was, I realised how into it I was and started doing more and more 121s.  Soon after I got asked to do some of the bigger parties and whilst it was truly terrifying, going into a room of people and interacting with them all it was also wicked fun.  Now I can always be found wiggling my bum at the Sheffield n Nuneaton parties, it's a really different experience to a 121 but just as fun.

As I mentioned earlier I'm attending a spanking party in Nuneaton that Fae is featured at, and I'm really looking forward to the experience.

Northern Spanking

5. I love that continue to do 1 2 1 sessions. What do you get out of these?

I'm an explorer baby!  *grins* sorry I love squeezing that phrase in when I can.  But I do love exploring....and with 121's it's a constant thing; each one is so different, I love meeting new people and exploring their fantasies and desires, what they like or don't like, it's what it's all about.

Also it's great for trying new things or ways, I've gotten a fair few people into flogging that way and also gotten new kinks of my own that way too.  It's intimate and at the end of a session it's a wicked feeling, when you have had a great session and you can see the other person has too.

6. How often do you session on average?

I used to session every day but I'm learning how to have a bit of self control these days so probably on average 4 times a week right now.  It's one of those things; the more you get, the more you want.

Sound Punishment (with Katie Strickland)

7. You switch in sessions and on film. How do you feel about the two roles?

Wowza you do want a novel eh?  My partner used to always say I had a more dominant side and I used to deny it.  Then I tried it and now yes okay he was right, I do have a dom side. 

I love switching!   When I have someone over my knee, it's almost like unwrapping a present, when I pull their pants down to reveal their cheeks waiting for me to rosy them up haha.  I get gleeful and everything.

I have to say that the last couple of answers make a session with Fae sound incredibly appealing. 

8. You seem to be moving more into spanking videos lately. Is this a conscious thing?

I've always done spanking vids!  Maybe you just haven't been looking hard enough. Though saying that I do go and try and shoot regularly for a friend of mine, whom I like to call 'Princess Lovely'.....she is lovely but scary!  Others know her by the name Miss Hastings-Gore.  She's good with the birch and never lets me get away with excuses!

I guess my ignorance should probably earn me a spanking from Fae! I'll list some of the sites she has appeared on at the end of the interview

Real Life Spankings (with Mike)

9. What is your best and worst experiences with making spanking films?

My best was probably when I went to work for Spanked in Uniform over in Holland. 

Lovely guy (though gosh he had a hard hand!) and I got to dress up in loads of different funky outfits and act loads of different roles.  I love trying to talk my way out of trouble, though it never usually works (luckily!). 

Worst one was I'm not saying!  Sorry 

Everyone I know who has worked with him loves Mike, and I must admit that the interview I did with him a couple of years ago was a real joy.

And the worst experience question was a bit cheeky!

Real Life Spankings

10. Are you a life style spankee? Or is this all just fun and games?

Can't I be both lol?  I wouldn't do this kinda thing if I weren't into it myself...and I'm into it because it's fun and feels good! 

My partner doesn't spank me as often as he used to as he doesn't want to risk bruising me but I'm fine with that because it means he flogs my back more often and don't even get me started on the awesomeness of back flogging!

Sound Punishment

11. I notice on your website a couple of pictures that look sort of steampunky, and your Spankeefinder page uses a Dickens reference. Do you read a lot, and, if so, what kind of books do you like?

I don't read enough, these days.  But when I do read I enjoy modern fantasy stories or stories that make me wonder what the hell I've just read....oh or I love reading philosophy books, philosophy is a great love of mine! 

The steampunk thing though; isn't it great?!  It's retro-science fiction.  Victorian sci-fi.  The pics you mentioned I loved doing, I imagined I was an airship-pirate, it was massive fun!

Sound Punishment and a sandal

12. After several years working in the spanking field, do you still get a thrill when you hear someone say the word?

Haha maaaaybe....if I see a spanking reference in the non-spanking world, or if I see an object which I think would make a great implement for spanking then yeah.  I once went to the antique shop near me and found this awesome riding crop...when I took it to the counter to buy it the lady half-jokingl. said she hoped I wouldn't use it for anything untoward, I blushed so much!  

13. Is there anyone you'd particularly like to work with in spanking videos?

I'd love to go work for Spanked In Uniform again.  Oh and Pandora Blake!  She looks fun

Sound Punishment, Miss Strickland and a slipper

14. Just as an aside, do you regularly read spanking blogs? (and no, I'm not fishing for any compliments there).

Haha, oh yours is the bestest!  I occasionally get sent links to blogs etc that I'm mentioned in, from clients.  But generally I don't read them,  I don't get much time on the computer as you probably guessed from how long I take to respond to mails at times!  I probably deserve a spanking for that, too!

As previously suggested, I'd be more than happy to spank Fae any time.

Sound Punishment (Fae looks lovely in jeans)

15. On your website you say that you love porn. Are spanking videos porn?

Way to put me on the spot there!  They can be....for some people.  It really depends on the person.  And on the vid. 

Porn is....a nice sight.  Attractive.  I like seeing the curve of a nice bum, being spanked, going from pale to a nice rosy is attractive...and it can be a sexual thing, which is what porn is.

Repeat after me - Sound Punishment

16. What appeals to you about porn, if that's not too obvious?

It's porn!  It's designed to make you feel good!  I don't really do porn now but don't have a problem with it, it was a fun time.

17. There seems to be a lot of debate about this on the web. is spanking an intrinsically sexual act?

It can be!  Or it can just be an enjoyable experience.  Each to their own, live n let live and all that.  For me personally, it depends on the person and the situation but yep it can definitely be a sexual thing for me.

18. Do you think it makes you a better spankee if you've also tried topping?

Yes, in the way that it lets you understand and know what various things feel like.  There are good tops out there who have never tried being bottom themselves but I'd say in general yes, it definitely helps.

Well, I think that went splendidly. Fae seems to be a lovely person, and I really can't wait to meet her, whether it's at the party next month, or in a 1 to 1 session if we can arrange something.

I promised you a list of the sites Fae appears in videos for. Please bare in mind that this list is almost certainly incomplete as, despite the rumours that I tend to spread, I haven't actually downloaded every spanking film on the net. Just, y'know, most of them.

So here goes, in roughly alphabetical order:-

I'm fairly sure that there are more in my collection, but that'll give you enough to explore for now. And I've only listed CP sites; Fae appears on other sites too.

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Please check out Fae's appearances around the web, and if you can get to the Midlands try a 1 to 1 with her.

I'd just like to finish by thanking Fae for her time and patience, and, most of all, for her honesty and good humour. These are a lovely set of answers.

All the best


All pictures come from either Fae's own website, or else are screen captures from videos that appear on the sites listed above. 

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