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My God!! They're coming thick and fast - website review Sound Punishment

So then, not only has normal service been resumed, but resumed with a vengeance (do you think that could be the subtitle for the next Die Hard film? Normal Service Resumed With a Vengeance? Okay then, I won't await a call from Hollywood).
Amelia longing leggy and lovely, as usual

So far since my brief hiatus I've brought you a splendid interview, a website review and some lovely pictures of Dana Kane.

To follow it up, we have another paysite review. Although, because I don't want to become predictable or anything, not the one that I promised to provide in an earlier post (yes, that will also be coming soon(ish)).

Sound Punishment is a UK based site that has been producing spanking videos for at least a couple of years (in all honesty that's a total guess, as none of the uploads are dated). The site features around 100 films, along with accompanying photosets, all in very nice quality.

Technical issues first; membership costs £17.38 per month, on a recurring basis, paid through the ever reliable CCBill. You also have the option of taking a three month membership at £45.24, which is not recurring.

The free tour provides a brief summary of each scene, although, despite the claims plastered all over the place of "free spanking movie clips" there are no video samples available - these have been removed to prevent minors from accessing them. The site needs tidying up, but nevertheless this is, particularly in the current moral environment, a sensible precaution to take.
Dani (well, of course)

It would be interesting to know if it has impacted on site membership numbers at all.

When you pay your money to join you get a user name and password provided to you; enter them and the members area awaits you.

The members index page is a little busy (in my opinion), but it does serve to guide you adequately to where you want to go.
Jasmine in shiny shorts

Videos are split into three categories; school theme, domestic theme and, very recently, spanked in uniform (there's actually only one film currently within this section). There's also a link to the comprehensive photo galleries.
When Kelly met Katie

Actually a word about the galleries; whilst all of the recent ones come from films posted, at one time or another, to the site, near the bottom of the pile are a number of galleries that don't represent videos currently available. Whether they're from older films now removed, or if they're just purpose shot images I don't know, but if they are from video shoots I'd love to see the clips.
A rare shot of Cassie Hunter being spanked - but where's the film?

There are also, by way of a bit of a bonus, several galleries of Reader's Wives pictures (quite a bit better than the average for that sort of thing), and a couple of short audio only stories.

The films provided by the site are complete in one upload, with no collecting multiple parts before enjoying the spanking action.

Plot wise the films are unoriginal, although with schoolgirl themed shoots, in particular, invention is hard to come by on pretty well all websites. There is sufficient variety that you won't be bored by the storylines, but you won't be inspired by them either.

Of course you aren't here for the stories anyway; you want hot spanking action. Does this site provide it?

Short answer; yes it does. Longer answer; there are lots of OTK spankings, usually either starting with the use of the hand, or being exclusively by hand, and quite a lot of the usual implements, including a pleasing amount of the slipper (yes, I do have a particular fetish for slippering).

The spankings are of a decent level of severity; nicely produced red marks but few bruises and no cuts. The sort of level that I appreciate, in general.

There is a very nice range of spankees, including quite a few of our old favourites (Amelia, Pandora and Dani all appear). Several of our newer favourites also feature, including Fae Corbin (go on, tell me that you read and enjoyed her interview a few days ago), Emma Brown, Caroline Grey and Maisee Dee.
Maisee Dee

There are also a number of girls I haven't seen elsewhere (of course I may just have been looking in the wrong places), such as Louise Trumble, Anastasia (who I know does 1 to 1 sessions in the West Midlands), Aimee Weston (who sessions in Manchester and Leeds) and Lucy Baxter.

I may be odd (don't all yell your agreement at once, you gits!) but I am quite keen on seeing ladies who perform 1 to 1 sessions appearing in videos. I got quite a thrill meeting Dani Hunt for the first time because I'd seen her so much on film.

The vast majority of the spankings are given by a guy I assume is the Webmaster, but I regret that I don't know his name. If anyone does please enlighten me. Anyway, he plays the role of the gruff Headmaster very well, and isn't one of those irritating spankers in other roles either.

Come on; you know how I feel about male tops. Not actually actively loathing one counts as a win for him.
Pandora (I know, you'd recognise that bottom anywhere)

Do I like the films on offer? Overwhelmingly yes. They are of the degree of severity I'm most comfortable with, the girls being spanked are attractive and the scenarios don't feature anything that repels me (I can't bring myself to like age play scenes, with women in their twenties playing young kids - just a bit too much for me).
One of the great unsung spankees - Sascha Harvey

Do I recommend the site? Yes, I do. There are a pretty good number of films on offer, and they are of good quality. It might be nice to see a more regular update schedule (actually any updates at the moment, as the last one was before Christmas, and I'm now a bit worried as to whether the site is planning to continue under the new legislation), but there's certainly enough there currently to justify at least one month's membership.
Well, we started with Amelia, so we may as well finish with her

And that's all for now; I'll be back with the heavily rumoured review of Dana Kane's site in a few days.

All the best


All pictures are taken from the photo galleries provided on Sound Punishment

Okay, so I lied. Sascha again

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  1. Thanks for this review, I am so glad my headmaster character at least does not repel you. ;-). I have been spanking young ladies on film for over 13 years for SoundPunishment.com and also in my early days for Spanking Online. I was in fact one of the very few actors they paid to spank the ladies, a double pleasure I can assure you! I enjoyed your review as it truly reflects our site's ethos and content. We intend to continue to update the site in the future. If any of your readers know of suitable houses we can film in then I would be glad to hear from them, just use our help system on our site to contact our production team.