Thursday, 10 January 2013

Paysite review - Miss Monroe presents Strict English CP

I love the thrill of logging into a new paysite for the first time; all of those videos that I've never seen before, the joy of encountering new models and seeing our spanking world from a fresh perspective.

Today I have something a little different; a review of a paysite that is connected to the site of a professional dominatrix. I've never seen that before.

It would also appear that Miss Monroe is an unusual dominatrix as well; she is the first dom that I've encountered who is happy to switch. I know that this is relatively common with spankees (I've taken advantage of the fact myself on occasion) but, in my experience, most doms are strictly that.

Miss Monroe's site is a pleasure all of itself; well laid out, with large clear images, and every detail you could wish to know plainly provided, including locations, tributes and services provided.

If you click on "Members" the site takes you to something else altogether; the portal to Strict English CP. 1 month's membership costs £16.41 on a recurring basis (via CCBill) and there are substantial discounts for selecting longer membership terms.

The Home page has a pleasant greeting, and the date of the last update, along with contact details for Miss Monroe. There are links to the last 6 films posted, and a clickable banner allowing site navigation.

One of the links from this is to a very comprehensive support page, full of useful advice on video formats and downloads, and also providing a contact form should you still have problems.

The site is extremely well organised, with films being accessed from either the Content page (fairly recent films) and the Archive page (older material, generally in somewhat poorer image quality). The site has only been running since November 2012 but despite this there are a decent number of videos to download (around 35 or so at my rough count).

The films are of verying length, from around 5 minutes up to around 1 hour; each is made up of between 1 and 4 downloads. Downloads vary from around 30 mg up to 220 mg, with the Archive files generally being smaller.

All of the recent videos appear in 4 separate formats:-

- Flash at 512x288 which allows you to stream online
- Windows Media (wmv) in HD at a size of 1280x720 for download 
- DivX (divx) also in HD at 1280x720 for download
- MP4 (mp4) at 480x270 playable on iPhone and modern Smart Mobile/Cell phones (some later versions 512x288)

I've copy and pasted that bit direct, to give you an idea of just how thorough the site is. Alright, and because I'm too lazy to retype it.

Image quality on the newer clips is wonderfully good, very crisp and clear. Sound is also fine. Some of the older clips show their age (and file size) by being a little fuzzy, but they are still extremely watchable. All clips are watermarked, but you soon don't notice this as you get carried away by the action on screen.

And so on to the clips themselves.

Here we find another difference from most of the spanking sites out there; there are clips featuring women being spanked by men and women, and also clips of men being spanked by women. The only other site that I know of that has all of these combinations is Pandora Blake's Dreams Of Spanking (although Pandora also has men spanking men clips, which this site doesn't).

The split is around 50-50, with maybe just one or two more clips having men as bottoms.

I doubt that you'll recognise any of the models on the site; Miss Monroe appears in every clip, either as top or bottom (but none where she has both roles - I'd love to see that!), and there are just a handful of her friends involved.

The clips contain generally fairly basic scenarios; they revolve around school, domestic punishments and the office, and you won't be startled by their originality. There are a couple of quite relaxed videos, one showing a session with Miss Monroe, and one of her being spanked by her partner, that have no plots, but are just good spanking fun. I like both of these quite a lot.

What may startle you, however, is the severity of some of the punishments, particularly those featuring male bottoms. Some of these actually made me wince.

Films with women being spanked are more moderate; nicely reddened bottoms and some good rubbing of sore cheeks, but nothing to scare away anyone who has looked at Dallas's site.

Most of the punishments start out with hand spanking, progressing to slippers, hairbrushes, tawses, crops and, of course, canes. Some start over clothes but the majority are bare bottomed from the very beginning.

I should note one other thing; Miss Monroe is a particularly good actress. The videos are entirely adlibbed, and she is very convincing, especially, to my surprise, in films in which she is the bottom. I particularly enjoyed "Correcting the Incorrigible" for her performance. And for the hot spanking too, of course.

Costumes throughout appear authentic, and Miss Monroe has a thing for classic stylish period dress, as you can see in some of the screen shots provided here. The clothes chosen generally highlight her frame delightfully when she is punishing one of her charges.

So then, decision time. Is this site worth your time and money? Well, as a fairly new site there isn't tons of material to download, and I know that some of you will have a problem with the mixed gender of the videos' bottoms, but these are the only 2 real negatives.

The films are very solid, and Miss Monroe herself is a delight; I'm only sorry that I'll never experience her spanking style at first hand.

The cost is very reasonable, and I love a well-presented and organised website; if you're paying to join a site the least that you can expect is to be able to find what you're looking for.

There's a bit of something for everyone here, and I can confirm that the films are extremely enjoyable.

I think it's worth giving a try to; it would be interesting to come back in 12 months time to see how it has progressed.

All the best


All pictures are screen grabs from Strict English CP; there are no stills on the site, as they feel you can't get the full effect without sound and motion.


  1. Great review! Thanks for calling this interesting site to my attention - I'm always thrilled to discover other producers mixing up female and male spankee content. This site definitely looks like it's worth following.

    1. Oh dear. I've just read the page on her site which says she doesn't pay her models for filming (!!!!) That's disappointing. At least in this case she's doing so indiscriminately, I suppose, rather than only paying the ladies...

  2. I love that top photo, that heads this series of pictures. The one were the naughty lady is being caned. I have always liked when these spankable feminine beauties, wear garter-belt and stockings, which in my opinion encases their voluptous naked rear ends in a sexually erotic manner. Thank you Tim.