Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kindle Spanking (or, Bits of Books Reviewed)

Well, no, not literally. I love spanking as much as most, but I don't get off on smacking the non-existent bottom of an electrical device.

And you can't use a Kindle to spank someone either; they're much too lightweight, and a bit small as you need to hold them too. Although having said that, mine is in a lovely solid leather case, and, whilst I wouldn't recommend it, I guess you could paddle a bum or two with it.

Might well fuck up your ereader though!

Anyway, back on topic. Kindle spanking.

Amazon Kindle is a lovely place; you can search the Kindle store for any given word, title or author, and it will bring up a comprehensive list of responses. let's try, oh I don't know, how about "spanking". I know it won't interest anyone here, but some people are into it, or so I'm told. No one I know, of course.


So, start to type in "spanking" and, after 2 letters, it gives me a list of possible responses. Oh look, the top one is spanking. I suspect that I may not be the first person to initiate this search.

Number of responses: 4231.

Oh, I am not alone! (Of course I knew that; have you never heard of dramatic licence?)

You can click on any one of  them, and get details of the book, including page length, and the cost. And let me tell you, some of the prices are crappy! Some are really reasonable though. You takes yer choice, I guess.

But do you want to know the best thing about these listings? The reason I'm writing this blog today? You can download free samples of each book, with no obligation to buy. Many of the entries are for spanking short story collections, so you often end up with 2 or 3 full length stories to enjoy!

Tremendous! Free spanking stuff! Plus, you know, it might help you find a writer or collection that you like enough to buy.

One of the first excerpts that I read was from The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook by Governess Gemma Forbes. I haven't bought the book, which at £8.03 for an ebook seems expensive, but the sample available is tremendously entertaining, and very down to earth.

True Spanking Stories Volume II has a series of essays about allegedly true spankings; I don't know if they are, but, once again, I thoroughly enjoyed sampling them.

The Big Ass book of Spanking is a delight; the first entry, The Alaskan Spanking Survey makes for fascinating (if improbable) reading.

The first story in The Punishment List is a surprisingly restrained and really rather good humoured effort; I enjoyed it immensely.

Ant then there is Ultimate Spanking- 20 Erotic Spanking Stories, edited by Miranda Forbes. For your freebie look at this book you get 2 complete stories. The first, The Spanking Man, by Monica Belle, is a gently amusing and quite touching story, getting inside the head of a young lady who has strange ideas.

The second is the frankly stunning Perfect Bound by Shanna Germain; this is as much a bondage story as a spanking one, but it is fiercely original and extremely well written. The main character is splendidly realised, and, even on a second reading, I found the story to be incredibly arousing. I'm quite excited just thinking about it now!

I urge you to give the story a read; it's free, after all, although I enjoyed it so much I felt honour bound to plonk down my £3.28 and buy the whole book. It's well worth the money.

And then there are several thousand more; not all are to my taste, and not all are particularly well written. But if you look around you'll see some names that you might know (Rollin, Miranda Forbes and Loki Renard amongst them).

I've spent a couple of very pleasant afternoons on this, whilst feeling a bit under the weather; it's a free and easy distraction. Plus, you know, some of this stuff really turns me on.

Give it a try, why don't you?

All the best


All pictures are covers snatched from Amazon

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