Monday, 7 January 2013

Pain Tolerance Levels

A lovely threat - Consensual
Pandora, of course, looking spectacularly cute
My old friend Secret Spanko recently posted a theory in his blog about redheads allegedly having different levels of pain tolerance to the rest of us.

I don't know if that is true or not, but it is of course pretty self-evident that all of us have our own point at which we cry out "enough", or mutter our safe word. Or just cry.

I've never particularly considered myself to be a person who deals with pain all that well, but now I'm starting to rethink that a bit.

When I was 10 years old I was into rock climbing; I had a fairly serious fall and broke my arm in 2 places and my wrist in 4, when on summer holiday with my parents. I was crying but only a little, and the hospital were staggered when they saw the x-ray results as they thought from my reaction that I had probably only bruised myself.
Pandora as schoolgirl and the slipper - most of my fantasies in one go.

When I was 17 years old I was at a disco, and I levered myslef up onto a balcony, having first placed my right hand onto a piece of broken glass. I bled profusely, and ended up having 8 stitches in the wound, without any pain medication.
And another, 'cos I like them so much. Thomas looks suitably fierce too!

I have twice broken ribs and I never missed a day of work because of the pain on either occasion.

I've had many health issues over the years, and I suppose I'm used to pain. I still complain about it though. In particular I have pretty bad arthritis in my fingers, and the pain from that is severe at times.
From Consensual - she looks so threatening !

In recent years I've become switchy, and I now crave a good sound spanking. My wife, who has put up with being (quite mildly) spanked for years finds my request to be spanked to be strange and vaguely distasteful. She does it every now and then, but only after a couple of weeks of increasingly desperate hints and then attempts to fashion an opportunity.

She spanked me Saturday afternoon, with her hand, but we were interrupted when we heard my daughter coming home. This morning, while the kids were still asleep, I got her to spank me again. This lasted for around 5 minutes I suppose, with a mixture of hand and slipper.

All told she must have given me 60 slaps with her rubber-soled slipper.

When she finished I felt no more than a mild tingle.

I was brought up on various cultural images of corporal punishment. Kate struggling to sit for some time after being spanked by Petruchio. The girl spanked by Elvis needing a cushion the following morning. Various youths being released from across the laps of their teachers or parents and clutching stinging rears whilst tears were forced from their eyes.

I've been spanked by a number of pro-switches; mainly hand but also slipper, leather paddle, riding crop and flogger, and never experienced much more than a mild sting.
Chelsea with the spectacular Mei Mara

I may be a bit odd but I want to experience a smacked bottom that I need to rub to try to ease the pain. I want to sit down a couple of hours later and have to squirm in my seat.
And again

Clearly my wife is never going to spank me sufficiently to generate this level of discomfort so, once again, I find the need to look elsewhere, So, as I pleaded a few days ago, is there anyone out there who can help me? I'd prefer a switchy experience but, at this point, if there's a lady who just wants to spank, I'd be delighted to provide a target.

I have no more hope for this than I did when I made the earlier post, but sometimes it's just worth repeating yourself.
Once more with feeling

Anyway, that'll do for now. I notice I'm rapidly approaching 200,000 page views, which makes me feel appreciated.

All the best


Pictures are as identified; Dreams of Spanking, Good Spanking and the Consensual Spanking blog I enjoy so much.

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