Sunday, 26 January 2014

Just another spanking Monday

Well then, the whole Dani Hunt experience went wonderfully; a lovely girl, a delightful session and a tremendous interview, which also got Chrossed (thank you my friend - nice to see you still look in here).

I had so much fun that I think I might have to do something similar again soon.

Or, you know, maybe tomorrow.

So, Monday morning I'll be off to Halesowen to meet with Sexy Cherri for a two hour session; lots of spanking, switching and jodphurs (no, not on me, to the eternal relief of the whole of Humankind whose collective psyche would be scarred by such an event).

Guess what? It'll be like you were there as well. I'll unleash my descriptive powers and blast you with all of the spanky details. Of course, it won;t give you a sore bottom.

I can't wait.

Well spanky friends, until tomorrow

All the best


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