Monday, 20 January 2014

And now, because you demanded it.....

The Danielle Hunt spanking session report! In full technicolour, with life like sound effects and real steam rising from well spanked buttocks!

However, before we get to the fun stuff, I have to tell you of my epic journey to Spanking Valhalla (and no, I never thought that would be in Cradley Heath either!).

I started off, too fucking early as ever, and walked the mile or so to the Birmingham bus stop. Got almost straight on to a bus, and it wasn't too crowded. Traffic was awful though, so I used some of the time to text Dani, to confirm we were still on. I got a quick response and settled down to an hour of music and reading (Of Monsters and Men as soundtrack, and Jonathan Aycliffe's "Naomi's Room", if you're interested).

Got to Town, and with a short walk reached the train station. There's a very frequent service to Stourbridge that stops at Cradley Heath, and I was seated within 5 minutes.

The train stopped at a number of little stations and 30 minutes later I emerged into the sunshine of a nice fresh but cold Black Country morning (this refers to the coal-based industry traditional in certain parts of the West Midlands, and is now spectacularly anachronistic). It was 9.15 and I wasn't meeting Dani until 10.30 so, against her advice, I decided to walk.

I'd checked out a root on Google Maps, and been advised that the walk was 1.7 miles. No problem and plenty of time. So off I went.

The first couple of turns were fine, and I found the A359 headed for Halesowen. I walked along it and came to an island. My directions specified one thing, my eyes another. I tried what appeared to be the correct route, and found myself walking up a huge hill. After a while I second-guessed myself and turned around.

To cut an interminable story slightly more terminable (I know, but if I want to abuse the English language on my blog I will, damnit|) I ended up lost. I found what I took to be a reasonable land mark and called a taxi.

This arrived promptly, and we headed off to my destination which, of course, was just over the brink of the hill I had been on. I gave up about 100 yards too soon. Ah, bollocks!

So, just on 10.30 I arrived at The Topcat Club, to be greeted by Dani at the door. She looked stunning, dressed in a short plaid skirt and schoolgirl blouse, and was immediately chatty and quick to put me at my ease.

We had coffee and talked comfortably. Dani was inquisitive, and we talked about family, pets, work and (gasp) politics. On which we spectacularly differed. We also talked about food, where we differed again, as Dani is a vegetarian, and I feel cheated by any meal that has no component that had feet. Or fins.

The venue was really nice and, on a cold day, lovely and warm throughout. It's made up of a number of playrooms, and we determined to use the lounge setup.

This had a variety of chairs and sofas, and a low coffee table on which were displayed a variety of implements, including my favourite - the slipper. 

We decided to start with one of the old standbys to get into the swing of things; a schoolgirl role play. Dani was already dressed for the part, so she knocked on the door and I bade her enter. She came in, looking at the floor in fright, and told me she had been sent to me by her teacher as she had forgotten her homework, It was the second time this week, and only Tuesday!

I, of course, sat in a straight backed chair and put Dani over my knee. I spanked her on the skirt, over her knickers and on her (gorgeous) bare bottom. I had told Dani in advance that I liked reaction from my spankee, and she wriggled and squealed in the most delightful fashion. Her bottom is springy and firm, and my hand smacked against it with lovely echoing slaps.

After a while I pulled up her pants and let her stand. Then I told her she wasn't done, as she had also been late that week too. I bent her over the back of the chair, lifted her skirt and pulled her pants back down. The slipper practically leapt into my hand, and I proceeded to put it to good slappy use. After a while I though that this was a good time to try some other implements out; there were a couple of leather paddles, or different sizes, and they thwacked most effectively into Dani's bottom. Quite a few times.

After a few minutes of this I felt we'd taken this scenario as far as it could go, and I dismissed Dani with a final slap on her bum. She left the room, ruefully rubbing her spanked bottom. This was something I had specified I liked to see, and Dani played it to it's fullest throughout our session.

We decided on a domestic role play next, with Dani changing into t shirt and tight tracksuit trousers, to play rebellious and naughty niece; this time I sat on the settee to spank her, as again she wriggled and gasped. I'm only a moderate spanker, and I'm sure I made little real impression on Dani's bottom, but it was a wonderful
experience for me.

Next it was switch time, and I was a naughty schoolboy called in to see his angry aunty who has had a call from school about bullying and smoking. I like role play, both as spanker and spanked, but I somehow find it easier to get into character when about to be punished, so I bratted away happily. Dani looked suitably stern, and it was easy to forget that she's less than half my age.

After a stiff lecture (no, I'm not going to say any more about that!) she took me over her knee and applied her palm to my bottom. She has a hard one (and the double entendres keep coming) although through trousers it wasn't bad. After a while she made me drop them and spanked away some more. After a couple of minutes she suddenly stopped; my phone was ringing in the next room! I checked it, and saw it was a message I could leave for a while.

Returning to our room, Dani faced me with an angry expression, and demanded to know if that was a boy from school on the phone? What did he want? I loved the way she incorporated the call into our role play, so that it didn't break the flow, and I was soon bare bottomed across her knee as she spanked me very thoroughly, and harder than I've ever been spanked before.

After a while she let me up, and bent me over the settee for a taste of some implements. The larger paddle in particular made me dance and throb, and pushed me about to my (admitedly feeble) limits. Dani then gave me six with the cane; I had said I wasn't a fan, so she was quite gentle, and gave me plenty of chance, still within the role play, to back out if I wasn't happy to try it. The last couple of slashes stung though!

Thoroughly chastened the bullying schoolboy was allowed to pull back up his clothes and leave the room, with some quite genuine rubbing.

Dani asked if I'd like some cream, which I accepted, so I went back over her knee for a rather less painful session of very soothing rubbing. We carried on chatting while this happened, and, afterwards, broke for a cup of tea, with more talking. The conversation was fascinating to me, especially when we talked about mutual acquaintances in Spanking Land. Dani has met virtually everyone you can think of - I have videos of her with most professionals!

I was out of role plays so I sat back on the chair and put Dani back over my lap for just some spanking, with hand and slipper, while we carried on talking. The session was very relaxed and ran past the appointed finishing time.

We finished off, and Dani managed to convince the venue's owner (a really nice approachable guy himself, who talked in a wonderfully down to earth manner about some of the fetish sessions they ran there) to drop us to the nearest station, and we shared a carriage back into Birmingham.

I had a delightful time; Dani is bright and charming, and. despite our somewhat different views of the world, remarkably easy to talk to. She is a sexy and tempting spankee, attentive to her partners needs and desires, and able to adapt role plays as circumstances require. While she describes herself as a medium level spanker she smacked my bottom more thoroughly than anyone had ever before. A couple of days later I can still feel some tenderness.

I liked what Dani said before we started; that I should speak up if anything made me uncomfortable. After all "We want to hurt you, but we don't want to hurt you". 

In one way it can be a little intimidating meeting a spanking professional with the body of work that Danielle has behind her; however, no one need be concerned by this. She is easy to talk to and brilliant at relaxing you. She is delightful in every way, and I can't imagine any spanking fan not enjoying his time with her.

I've never yet been back to a professional spankee, because there are so many out there to try (I have a session booked with Cherri for next week) but I suspect Dani will be at the top of my list once I do begin to do so. 

I'll be conducting an email interview with Dani in the near future, so please look for that. She is forthright and clear in her views, so it should make for fascinating reading.

All the best


All of the pictures are, of course, of Danielle, and I have shamelessly lifted them from her website, Spank Danielle. Check it out - there are lots more pictures there!

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