Friday, 21 December 2012

Website Review - Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking

Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it? But here I am, once again, hanging on.

I must say that I'm tremendously impressed by the number of page views I continue to get, despite there having been no new posts for, well, I can't be bothered to check, but I know it's longer than a week. Or a month.

What's new in my life? Ah, who cares? That's another post.

All you need to know for now is that, as a Xmas treat, I joined Good Spanking, and now I'm going to tell you all about it.

So, as ever, let's start with a few basics. Good Spanking is a fairly long running site, owned and operated by US spanking legend Chelsea Pfeiffer (no relation to Michelle or Deedee, I'm sure), and it's strictly an F/F site, so those of you who insist on guys as tops really won't like it.

The monthly cost of membership is an initial US$25.99, renewing at US$20.99, which is a decent incentive for hanging around after that first orgasmic month.

The site is very regularly updated, with at least 40 new photos and 4 3 minute clips per week. You can also link into Chelsea's bio, and her online journal, from the site's front page.

Logging in you come to the site's only real weakness; it's not the easiest site to navigate around.

Initially you come to a table of contents, that merely lists the recent updates. Actually to call them recent is a bit misleading, as the page today covers from February 2012 to date. The appear in reverse chronological order of posting, and each video is given a title.

Each title is made up of a number of the aforementioned 3 minute clips, generally between 4 and 10, but with a couple being shorter and an (increasing) number being longer. The most protracted that I recall seeing was 17 parts.

The videos are in WMV format, and there is a substantial increase in image quality in the more recent entries. Even the most recent though generally do not have a file size of above around 22 meg, so downloading is very quick. I found the best way to do this was to create a separate folder for each film; as some of the filenames on download differ between parts this is an especially good idea.

At the bottom of the Contents page are two more sections; Completed Stories and CS Archives. Completed stories run to 8 pages of clips, with a heading and brief description, below which appears all of the parts of that film, in order, and links to images from it as well. This makes downloading these films exceptionally easy.

The films themselves are good fun, but generally not too complex, from a plot point of view. Most feature a short discussion, before launching into the spanking. Even so, the reasons for the punishments are well thought out, and quite varied, with a reasonable amount of humour present too. A fine example of this would be the film Space Girls, which made me laugh out loud.

The CS Archives features something a bit different (and a number of these films appear in the recent films off the Table of Contents too). They are basically 30 minute spanking sessions; there usually isn't a plot (although occasionally a reason why punishment is required is given), just Chelsea spanking a model.

The spankings feature begin with hand over clothes, before progressing to the bare bottomed, and then the use of a number of implements. Chelsea and her guests often chat pleasantly while all of this is going on, although this becomes a bit harder after a while as the beatings do seem to be quite painful.

These scenes basically show someone who enjoys spanking dealing with someone who likes to be spanked (hence the reference to a spanking session); as a switch I'd love to be spanked by Chelsea, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't take a session as severe as these are.

There are 5 pages of these, and they are really entertaining. I recommend them most highly.

The spankings featured in the plot based tales also generally start over clothes, OTK, progressing much like the sessions, although often remaining just a thorough hand spanking. Chelsea herself is spanked by one of the girls in a handful of the films (although not often enough for my taste; I love to see the tables turned and the spanker punished). Her birthday spanking from Sinn Sage is tremendous.

You will recognise many of the models; notables include Amelia Jane Rutherford (her Chelsea Spanks film is incredibly hot, and she clearly has a wonderful time in it), Amber Pixie Wells, Amy Hunter, Samantha Grace,  Clare Fonda, Sophie Nova, Danielle Hunt, Cheyenne Jewel, Mei Mara, Ten Amorette, Snow Mercy, Kailee and Sarah Gregory but there are many more extremely attractive young ladies as well.

The vast majority of the spankings are carried out by Chelsea, although a handful of the models also get their turn on occasion.

Would I recommend this site to the discerning spanking fan who is careful with his money? Well, provided they enjoy F/F spankings, I certainly would. Whilst I haven't counted the number of different films available for download there must be around 200, and pretty much all of them are enjoyable.

Chelsea is one of the better tops around (even allowing for my bias against male spankers) and, while the acting can be a little dodgy, especially on some of the older films, there's no doubt that everyone involved is having fun.

The cost is very reasonable for the amount of material available, and you could do much worse than check out this slightly quirky site; there is also an option to purchase a joint membership of this site along with Good Spanking Classics, a site which I will review separately in the very near future.

So there you have it; give it a chance and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have,

All the best


Pictures are, rather inevitably, taken from Good Spanking


  1. Good to see that you are fine and posting again, Tim! Have a wonderful holiday season. :-)

    1. Thank you my dear. Best wishes to you and to Ludwig for a very happy holiday season.

      All the best


  2. I used to consider Chelsea Pfeiffer and "Good Spanking" the gold standard in the field of F/F imagery. That's no casual proclamation, either. However, my last membership unfortunately weakened my enthrallment.

    The idea of a paid membership to a spanking website is that you gain privileged access to everything the site has to offer. I'd long been a fan of Chelsea's spanking photos, but I was disappointed to find so much of Good Spanking's members-only gallery space taken up by video grabs - images no better than anything I myself could save from online videos. They're trumpeted as "Action" photos, but there's nothing the least bit special about them. Offering them as something exclusive to members is fairly ridiculous.

    What I will say in unqualified praise of Chelsea is that her videos are hugely satisfying to a spanking purist like myself. I honestly don't think there's anyone alive who enjoys soundly spanking a naughty girl's bare bottom across her knee any more than Chelsea does. Thankfully, I had the good sense to save a great number of her videos. To that extent, she's still the best.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to offer such a positive and thorough review of my site!

    @Bruce - those grabs have become my husband's favorite because to go back after the scene is shot and get formal stills is something of an energy killer. And, energy is key to a good video. So, I guess we're caught between being a pure video download site only, and our older version of the site with all the formal, posed stills. Some of them were mighty easy on the eyes. ;)


    1. All I know, Chelsea, is that your formal,posed stills have consistently been among the best I've ever roughly 45 years of looking. Really, I can appreciate the difficulty in trying to serve two appetites - videos & stills.

      I know you've already heard from me privately on this subject, so I'll simply say that you're the Queen of F/F spanking videos. I mean that. :)