Friday, 28 December 2012

The Big Bang Theory Spanking - an idle thought

I know, I know; I've seen it, you've seen it, my neighbour's daughter's ferret's girlfriend has seen it; Sheldon spanking Amy has appeared everywhere on the spanking net.

I had a thought about it that I haven't seen anyone else discuss yet.

However, before we get to that, one further observation; I think that this is the first mainstream spanking clip that I've ever seen that does not arouse me in the slightest.

I know Amy isn't the most attractive woman around, although that on it's own wouldn't be enough to turn me off. The build up between the two characters would, even without a payoff, usually serve to create at least a little stiffening (yes, I am just that obsessed by spanking!).

In this case I just laughed. I thought that the scene was genuinely funny, and just a little touching.

I think that the reason I didn't react sexually is the character of Sheldon Cooper; Jim Parsons does such a great job of ensuring that no suggestion of sexual interest, or pleasure form inflicting a little pain, features in Sheldon's actions that he manages to remove all sexuality from the spanking.

You may react to it differently however. Amy clearly does.

All of which is beside my point.

What I wanted to say about the spanking is this; I believe that this is the first mainstream spanking of a woman by a man for purely disciplinary reasons in 20 years or more. There is an increasing trend for all on screen spankings to be mutually agreed sexual acts, whoever the participants are, which is fine, of course, and how it should be in real life.

In the fantasy world of the screen things can be different. If you go back to the great screen spankings of the 1930's to 1960's, men spanked women to punish them, Of course there was often a sexual undercurrent, especially as it is often put forward that spankings on film were a short hand for sex, when sex itself could not be shown, but the primary intent was to put right the wayward woman.

The spankings were largely paternalistic (whether the spanker was a father or not); Sheldon's comments in Big Bang explicitly place his punishment of Amy into this class of spanking.

Of course much of the humour of the scene derives from Amy's eager agreement to her punishment, which is clearly sexually motivated. Sheldon's rather baffled line that "You're not supposed to be enjoying this" underscores his naivety, and emphasises the punitive element.

I love the scene, despite my lack of sexual response to it; I think it is subtly scripted and the acting is, as ever, first rate. Whilst i think all of the cast are great, the two involved here are probably the best of the bunch.

Anyway, I digress once more; can you name any other recent male/female spankings (not ones between father and daughter) that are given purely as punishment? I suspect that there are some in South American telenovelas, but outside of that, I'm stumped.

Comments welcome as ever.

All the best


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  1. Tim, there is a spanking on the show WEEDS in which a Mexican Mayor spanks the WEEDS mom in the back of his car because she screwed up. It was all about discipline though later they end up as lovers and spanking becomes part of their foreplay.