Friday, 8 June 2012

Spanking Superstar Interview - Sarah Bright

Yes, it has been a while, but now I'm back, and I hope to post at least once a week.

I'm starting off with this interview with the delightful Sarah Bright; this should have been posted a couple of months ago, and it should have followed a review of Sarah's wonderful site, Spanking Sarah. Despite Sarah's generosity in giving me access to her site my health issues prevented me actually writing my review.

Sarah, I promise that I will join the site shortly and do a proper review - for now I'll just say that it is a fun site with lots of variety in the spanking shown, and just a little bit of sex thrown in. Check it out - the previews are pretty good.

On to the interview; all accompanying pictures come from Spanking Sarah.

1. So then, a bit obvious I guess, but some background. When did you first get into spanking?
I was always interested in spanking, even when I was a child but I was never spanked.  When I was married I did mention it to my then husband and he looked at me like I had grown another head!  It was only after the breakdown of my marriage that I decided that if I didn't try it, then I would never know what I was missing.

2. Are you a lifestyle spankee?
Do you know, I am not keen on that term of phrase.  I am amongst other things a Mother, a lover, a daughter, a firend,  a Spankee, a Spanker, a Website owner.  With different people I am different things so I guess that means I am not a lifestyle anything.

3. Forgive me if this is a little rude but, despite having a wonderful figure, you appear to be a little older than the average spanking model. Did you come to the professional side of this a bit later than most?
I am not a little older, I am in fact a lot older.  Some of the models I work with are younger then my eldest son.  I make no secret of the fact that I will turn 40 a little later in the year.  I did not get involved in spanking until I was in my mid thirties and even now I don't really class myself as a model.  I am a woman who loves spanking and is lucky enough to be able to make a living from it

4. What prompted you to start a spanking paysite?
I made a few films for English Spankers.  Rem the guy who runs that site suggested that my own site would be a great idea.  We started SpankingSarah together

5. One of the interesting things about Spanking Sarah is that your videos sometimes feature straight sex as well as spanking; can you explain why please?
There are over 150 films on the Spanking Sarah and I think there are three 'straight sex' films on site, a couple more 'blow job' scenes and some with girls playing with themselves.  Each of these films has a second storyline attached where the girl gets punished for her sexual behaviour.  I know that there are some banner waving 'Spanking is not sexual' people out there and they are more than entitled to that opinion but for many spanking is a sexual thing so why not have some sexual content on a spanking site?
6. Do you think that the inclusion of more traditional sexual material gives you a different audience base to most sites?
 Perhaps it gives me a wider base. But not a different one.  I don't see the 'Sex' element as a big deal.  Let us be honest, with the huge amount of content available on site if you don't like the sex you don't have to watch it do you?  You could just skip those few films and enjoy the hundred odd that do not include sex. 

7. Your site has a nice mix of established fetish models and spankees that I haven't seen elsewhere; do you intentionally use a lot of girls who are relatively new to spanking, and if so, why?
I make films with ladies of all ages, races, shapes and sizes.  The only condition I have is that they love to be spanked or want to give it a go which is why there is such a variety of 'Models' on the site

8. I know it's an unfair question, but do you have a favourite model on the site?
You know, I don't class myself as a model so therefore don't see many of the ladies I work with in that way either.  KatieDidIt is my Best Friend and she is on site a lot so I guess I better say her.  She may kill me if I didn't ha ha.  But I doubt she would class herself as a model either.

9. I'm switchy myself, and while I enjoy both roles I find that I get more of a sexual thrill from topping, and more of an emotional release from bottoming; how do you experience the different roles?
I can't really answer that question as it really depends on who I am playing with and why

10. I notice that you have started doing one to one sessions, which I think is great. What do you get out of this?
I get to meet and play with a lot of nice interesting people and I get to hear their opinions on spanking related matters.  Most 121 sessions are a lot of fun

11. What prompted you to start?
To start 121 sessions?  I had thought about doing them for a while but did not have a location to session from.  When I met Katie a few years ago we got on really well.  She had also thought about doing 121's so we found a location to use together

12. Are most of your clients there to spank or be spanked (or to switch)?
It varies from week to week.  Sometimes I seem to be doing all Top sessions, the next week can all be sub. 

13. How does an average shoot work? How heavily are the clips scripted, and who comes up with the ideas?
I can't tell you how our shoots work ( I would, but then I would have to kill you lol)  Rem and I are partners so we tend to shoot content for all three sites Spanking Sarah, English Spankers and RedStripe Films at the same time.  I book the girls and work out basic storylines.  I tell the girls in advance what kind of story they will be acting in and the way I would like it to go. 

14. Do you shoot mainly in one go, or is there a lot of stopping and starting?
We never just shoot in one go - if we did we would not get the great camera angles.  We do stop and start to ensure that the final film captures everything the viewer would like to see

15. You have appeared in videos for English Spankers and Spanked in Uniform. Do you plan to shoot with any other producers?
I am happy to work with other Website Producers from time to time.  I recently worked with Spanked Cheeks. 

16. I guess you may see enough porn at work, but do you look at other site's at all? Are there any that you admire?
I look at loads of sites.  I have my own spanking blog Spanking England and I am an affliate so I have memberships to many s sites.  My favourite spank sites  include English Spankers, Northern Spanking, Spanked in Uniform and Dreams of Spanking

17. One of my regular questions; I've found people in the spanking scene to be unusually polite and intelligent. Any thoughts?
I don't agree.  I find most people to be polite and itellegent. Whether or not they are into spanking doesn't seem to make a difference.  I have met nice people and not so nice people on the scene.  I don't think that spankers/spankees have a higher intellect then their non spanking counterparts

18.I have a stock, although kind of pretentious question to finish with. In a book I was reading recently the following statement appeared:- 

"No one should ever impose their own perceptions of fulfilment on anyone else" How do you think this applies to the spanking scene? 
I think that that is a really good statement that applies to all aspects of life not just spanking

So, there you go; I'd like to thank Sarah for answering my questions with so much good grace, and in such a straightforward and forthright manner. Also I'd like to urge you once again to have a look at her site; it's well worth your time.

All the best



  1. Great interview from both of you. Good to see you back on blogging form, Tim. You've been missed.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for printing this and I look forward to your review xx

  3. Good interview and well thought answers

  4. I'm so glad you're back. Had been reading and not commenting and felt bad you might be gone.

    And back with another great interview! How sweet and talented is she! "I will admit I'm older, going to turn 40." Sweet babygirl. I'm 58 and it just gets better and better.

    I will though, agree with you on this -- the people of spankplanet are kinder, more intelligent, polite. She can't say that. She has to be politic.

    Great post!

  5. Sorry I just now found this... Glad to see you back Tim, and I have to admit I'm a huge fan of Sarah and her site. I went out looking for a spanking site I'd never heard of before, and was very pleasantly surprised.
    Yes, there are some banner waiving spanking-is-not-sexual folks out there, and I'm glad Sarah is bucking that trend. I wish though that maybe instead of being punished for sexual acts, that maybe you'd film something where spanking led to comforting and then sex... but maybe I'm weird in my tastes.