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Website review - Sarah Gregory Spanking

Well,  blow me (please); sorry, lost my thread there, a bit. Ah yes, I've got it. Blow me, it's just like West Midlands Travel buses - sod all for ages and then two right on top of each other.

I'll forgo the obvious entendre on that one.

I so much enjoyed writing the review of Hand-Spanking.com that I just felt I had to do another one, and here it is! An American site this time - Sarah Gregory Spanking..

As I'm sure you all know, Sarah is one of the most prominent US spanking models currently around, and she is pretty ubiquitous, turning up on pretty much any spanking site that you can name, in both the US and the UK. She is a wonderfully bubbly character, with an immensely spankable bubble butt.

Well, I'd certainly like to put her over my knee.

Sarah has been active in the scene for around 6 years now (I think), and she has a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. She can also be hard to pin down, as she is constantly travelling to attend video shoots and fetish events.

Her first appearances were, I believe, for Punished Brats, and initially she would only be spanked by women, but as time has gone on her interests have blossomed, and she now is spanked, and spanks, both men and women.

In 2010 she set up her own paysite; duh, the one I'm reviewing here, Sarah Gregory Spanking.

To start at the beginning; membership costs are very reasonable, beginning at US$24.95 for the first month, and, on a recurring basis, being rebilled subsequently at US$19.95 (around £16.86 and £13.48 in real money; fuck knows what the Euro is doing today).

The preview section is decent, with a lot of photos, and descriptions of the scenes, and also a specimen video.

The Members Area is comprehensive, although I think that some of the sections are a little redundant. The Update, Episodes and Movies areas all contain the same films, but organised slightly differently. I prefer to use the Episodes section, as this has a description of each clip, and links to download either the individual parts of a movie, or, should you prefer, the whole film in one go.

The films are available in a choice of Quicktime or WMV; most of the individual parts are around 40-50 meg in size, which allows for extremely quick downloading. Each part has an appropriate name to make it easy to find all parts of any given video once it has been downloaded.

The complete films are made up of anything from 4 to 10 episodes; uploads come 6 times a week, so it never takes long to complete a new film. There are also still galleries uploaded for each clip.

The clips are a mixture of F/F and M/F; I haven't made any precise survey of this, but I guess there are a few more with female tops than males.

I think that Sarah appears in all of the clips (I may be wrong about that, but she's certainly in the vast majority of them), mostly on the receiving end, but she does get to demonstrate her considerable charms as a  top too.

Within the Members Area there is a section for cast members; this is split between bottoms (21) and tops (30). Clicking on their photos brings up (in most cases) a brief biography, and always a list of the clips in which they appear. These are linked to the actual videos, making getting to the work of your favourites extremely easy.

And believe me, the vast majority of your US or UK favourites will be here! Bottoms include (besides Sarah herself) Kat St James, AJR, Jenni Mack, Ten Amorette, Pandora Blake, Carissa Montgomery, Erica Scott and Ashley Graham.

Tops have amongst their number Paul Rodgers, Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Richard Windsor, Paul Kennedy, Clare Fonda and Leia Ann Woods (what do you mean, there's no footage on Leia being spanked? That's a crime worth a spanking of itself!).

Are the spankings good? Boy, are they ever!

As you might expect most of the spankings start over a variety of clothes before progressing to, well, less clothes; all of them end up on bare reddening flesh. They are of very respectable severity; apart from the trusty hand a number of implements are used, including, but not limited to, paddles, hairbrush and canes.

Several clips start off bare; in fact, totally naked, and for a healthy (well, you know what I mean) card carrying heterosexual bloke these are a delight. There is a little lesbian sexual content in some clips.

The storylines generally feature all of the expected spankers; teacher, parents, aunts and uncles. There are also a number of other, less commonly seen approaches, several of which are extremely inventive (The Flintstones spanking in particular is hilarious, and entirely unique, and videos such as The Wife and the Prostitute are tremendously entertaining).

So, do I recommend that you spend your time and money on this site? Simple answer - I really do.

The clips are varied, the featured tops and bottoms professional, the image and sound quality are very high, and, frankly, Sarah is incredibly hot, and her sensibilities infuse the whole site. Whilst Sarah Gregory Spanking may not push the boundaries of spanking in the way that, say, Pandora Dreams of Spanking does, it will give you exactly what you want.

Well, what I want, anyway.

It's hard to find anything negative to say about the site (other than the slightly confused/confusing redundancy mentioned at the beginning of the review, and that is the most minor of issues): this is a reasonably priced site with a lot (70 or 80 different films  I would say) for your money, and a distinct personality of it's own.

I strongly suggest that you try it out.

All the best


All photos come from Sarah Gregory Spanking (yes, I know that you knew that, but I still feel it's important to acknowledge the source of my materials). Oh yeah, I have taken the opportunity to select shots featuring a number of my favourites - pretty sure I can do that on my own blog.

I will be back with a review of English Spanking Online in the very near future; don't move that dial kiddies.

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