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Paysite review -

Hello everyone out there in Spanking Land (sorry, no, that isn't a new theme park; I only wish that it were!). 

Sorry for the short delay in posting again, but you can expect more regular activity in the near future; I have several website reviews lined up, and a couple of interviews too.

For now though, we'll start with something a little new; I've reviewed US, European and British sites before, but here, for the first time, I review a Japanese based site! Excited yet? I am!

First of all I must acknowledge Tadashi Ishida, whose generosity in granting me access to his site has made this review possible.

Hand-Spanking is an entirely F/F spanking site, and has been running for a significant number of years; membership costs US$24.95 for a month on a recurring basis, or US$27.95 as a one off.

Payment is via Ticketclub, and cancellation is simple, should you need to do so.

There is a daily download limit of 10GB, but I spent 4 hours downloading videos without coming near to bumping up against that, so it really isn't a problem. 

As a member you can choose the English or Japanese version of the site.

The site is extremely well organised; the videos are hosted on 20 pages, each containing 10 films (there is a continual turnover of available clips, as some I have downloaded in the past have now been deleted).

Each film consists of several parts; there are a handful that use just one part, but most are two, and there are some running to three or four. Each part runs between 40 and 90 meg, with the size tending to be larger for the more recent clips.

The clips are named consistently, so it's easy to find the various parts of any given film once you have downloaded it.

All videos are available as a choice between WMV and Realplayer, and the image quality is very nice, although you can see an improvement in the later clips.

In addition, virtually all films have a separate photo gallery of between 40 and 60 shots.

The films are named, and a brief description of their plot is given.

There is also a comprehensive model index, from which the individual films can also be accessed.

The models are all attractive, and encompass a fairly wide age range, from the usual 18 year old models up to those in their mid to late forties; many of the models act as both spanker and spankee, and the age range works well, especially in the parental spanking films.

I suspect that most readers will only see these models on this site, but it is still easy to become enamoured of the work of certain of the girls. 

The site tends to update twice per week.

So then, what are the clips like? Glad you asked. I was just getting to that.

As stated all of the clips are F/F, and, as the site name suggests, all of the spankings are delivered by hand. The vast majority begin over clothing, progressing in the usual manner to end up bare bottomed. A good number include spanking over tights, which is one of my favourite things to see.

The bare bottomed clips can be a little coy, I suppose, with any genitals having been pixellated out; I assume that this is a cultural choice (it's noticeable that mainstream Asian cinema has little nudity in it).

The clips are, of course, filmed in Japanese, but English subtitles are provided.

I have to say that, if you are looking for very severe CP, this is not the site for you. The beatings are of a reasonable duration, and end up with pleasantly red buttocks, but they are not as hard as you'll find elsewhere. I'm sure that fans of Dallas will sneer at them.

Lots of the spankings are OTK, but there are also a fair number with the spankee leaning over desks, chairs, tables, counters and other things.

I have to say that there are some extremely spankable bottoms here; if you subscribe to the notion that all oriental women have flat uninteresting bottoms this site with certainly change your mind. 

The plots of the films are varied, and some are extremely inventive; in particular one set in an all-night fast food joint, where the staff member is caught reading the menu of a spanking club, is tremendous.

There are the usual spankings from relatives, teachers and bosses, but there are also quite a lot of films in which the worm turns, and the authority figure gets a taste of their own medicine. I admit to being a sucker for films in which the spankee becomes the spanker, and so these are clips that I particularly enjoy.

On a side note there are an oddly high number of films in which teachers get spanked; I've seen this very occasionally on Western sites but it does seem to be a real theme here. There are very good videos though.

There are two or three slightly odd clips that feature the authority figure addressing the camera, telling off a miscreant, but having no actual spanking.

I think at this point I have to own up to a bias in favour of Hand-Spanking; I am a particular fan of milder OTK spankings, and this site certainly gives me what I crave. Add in the turnabout spankings that I've already mentioned, and my affection for F/F spanking in general, and I'm becoming a massive fan.

If you don't like these things you may not enjoy it so much.

Is the site perfect? Well, nothing is ever perfect, of course. Occasionally I think some of the scenes call for more serious punishment than the hand provides; it would be nice to see the odd slipper slapped onto a naughty bottom, or a leather paddle perhaps.

Some of the scene descriptions read a little strangely, purely I think as a result of their translation from Japanese; it's hard to criticise this too much (or the slightly stilted subtitles you sometimes get on the videos) as the English used is significantly better than my Japanese (which amounts to around 6 words I think).

There are many hours of entertainment to be had on the site, and it's certainly worth your time and money to check it out. The membership fee is very reasonable, especially in view of the quality and quality of material available.

Thanks again to Tad for letting me loose on his site; all photos here are, naturally, from the videos that you will find on Hand-Spanking. I hope to be posting a brief interview with him in the near future.

I hope you found this review interesting and informative; coming up shortly are reviews of Strictly English-Online, Spanking Sarah and Sarah Gregory Spanking.

I hope that you will stick with me.

All the best


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