Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spanking Around the World

I really feel a strong urge to write alternate lyrics to John Fogerty's "Rockin' All Over the World", at this point. But maybe not - I won't inflict that on you, as I'm a big fan of punishment being fun.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. Or, at least, the introduction to the subject.

I was looking at my blog's stats, and, in particular, the location of my audience. It made me think a bit.

So firstly, a little light number work (now don't switch off, even though there won't be a test on this stuff later;  just breeze on through, because there really is a reason for this - honest!).

My most recent audience location figures are as follows:-

US & Canada          46%
UK                          25%
France/Germany      19%
The Rest                  10%

The Rest includes other European countries (principally Italy), some Scandanavian readers, Russians and a few in the East (Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia).

I'm certainly not surprised by the predominance of English speaking countries represented here; after all, I write in English, and I'm based in the UK. I am a little surprised by the number of French and German fans though.

All of this prompted another thought (two in a day - things are looking up!).

I'm a big fan of the spanking internet, as you may have guessed. I spend (or at least have spent) masses of time on various paysites, gazzillions of hours on any number of free sites (and I promise a post about some of those shortly), too much time to mention on my fellow bloggers sites, and a distressing collection of hours and days searching various engines for something I haven't seen before.

Of course, when I search, I do so in English.

We all know the vast number of wonderful UK and US based spanking sites; I've reviewed a good number of them here, and hope to shortly a review a couple more that I've previously not gotten around to. I'd suggest that, in most cases, most of us know which are English and which are American (although I was surprised to learn that Firm Hand Spanking has an English proprietor).

How many good sites can you name from anywhere else in the world?

I have a few; Hand-Spanking,com and Cutie-Spankee from Japan, Mike the Dutchman's Real Life Spanking and Spanking in Uniform, and, of course, the inimitable and indispensable Chross.

Clearly I know of these sites because they are published in English, and, therefore, when I search "spanking" they appear high on very many searches.

I need a little help here, from any non-English speakers out there; are there a mass of brilliant spanking sites that don't use English as a primary language that I'm missing out on? I admit that spanking videos that I don't understand might not be quite as effective, but I could muddle through. A flat palm smacking a bare bottom are fairly universal, I would think.

I did try a search for "nalgada", as the only non-English word relating to spanking that I'm pretty confident of, and mainly I just got a lot of links to Youtube videos, many of which I had seen before.

So, what words should I seach? What sites should I visit? Are some of you jealously hoarding a wonderful spanking reserve that many of us could enjoy?

Please leave any information that you can in the comments section below; you could really be doing a favour for a lot of your fellow spanking enthusiasts.

All the best


Pictures are of classic mainstream spankings; all are copied from Chross, as I've been working through his new database this week - check it out, it's truly inspirational.

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