Thursday, 18 October 2012

Favourite Freebies

And, before we begin, to any American readers, yes, that is the correct way to spell favourite; it's called English because we invented it, damnit. It's our language, and therefore we are right, and you are the other thing (wrong, of course!).

But seriously (now that I've alienated about half of my regular readers) I don't care how you spell it. Although if I know you are in the UK and you don't spell it that way, I'll still be pissed off.

I'm clearly deeply conflicted over this desperately important issue.

Tell you what though, rather than devoting this entire post to it, how about if I just point you at a few of my favourite sites that don't cost you anything? Good plan, eh?

To be fair, most of these will be familiar to most of you, I guess, but as I usually review paysites I thought it might be a nice change of focus. And I do look at them all daily.

So, in approximately alphabetical order:-

1. Chross - well, of course. If you need this one explained then the spanking internet is probably a new experience for you. Just check it out - a daily delight.
Recent picture from Chross - Beyonce gets slapped

2. More Than it Hurts Me - a Tumblr picture blog, which has a number of new photos pretty much every day, and the odd video too. Most of the pictures are new to me, although a few are recognisably from paysites. Good clean fun though
A recent update to More Than it Hurts Me

3. Sculacciate Spanking Italy Gallery - I love spanking cartoons and comics, and this site has more of them than any other I've seen. They are well organised into a number of galleries, and there's lots to explore. Two slight warnings; they make no distinction regarding the sex or age of who is being spanked, and updates can be sporadic.
A recent comic strip spanking from Sculacciate

4. The Spanking Spot - the best site to round up what is happening on the video paysites, with frequent (although not quite daily) updates, and a wealth of wonderful pictures. Brushstrokes (who runs the site) has an idiosyncratic way of looking at the world, which you may not always agree with, but he uses a light-hearted style, and you can appreciate the video captures without reading his words of wisdom, if you wish.
What you get at the Spanking Spot (originally from Dallas Spanks Hard)

5. The Spank Statement - a wonderful blog that centres on mainstream spanking, and is a great media resource. Created by Valdor, it is only updated when there is something genuinely worth while to add, which means sometimes you get new stuff every day, and occasionally it's a couple of weeks between posts.
From the Spank Statement - mainstream shot

6. Spanking Tube - last and certainly not least, a great source for free spanking videos. Lots of video producers use the site to advertise their products,  so there are any number of short clips, which can be fun but a bit frustrating. Members also post their own amateur products too. There's always something new to see, well, if one clip doesn't take your fancy, there's always another one right next to it!
Just the logo, as I don't want to mess about uploading a video

So there you have it; these aren't the only sites I look at each day, but they are the ones that I go back to again and again, and that don't cost me anything. This is always a good thing!

Please check them out; all of them are worth your time.

All the best


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  1. It's refreshing to see words spelled correctly here:-) I hate the way spellchecker lights up words that are not incorrect, just not spelled the American way. Canadian spelling is a mixture of both American and British, but we tend to use the "ou" combination instead of "o".