Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back in them days gone by...Pandora Blake

Good evening everyone; just a quick update for you today, and it's mostly pictures, for a change!

I was looking through some old videos that I downloaded from various sites, and I came across some I snatched from Spanking Over Skirts, which I think was the first spanking paysite I ever joined. Ah, I was younger then. We all were.

One of the people who were younger then is Pandora Blake; I think that this may have been her first set of fetish videos; ah, doesn't she look young?

You can certainly see the roots of stardom; it was these clips that made her the first model I ever reacted to (beyond arousal from the spankings themselves, of course).

Anyway, as I have now gotten hold of a very nice image capture programme, I thought I'd pop a few shots up here for your viewing pleasure; all are, of course, copyright Spanking Over Skirts, and I believe that all of the videos are still posted on their website, should you care to join it.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.



  1. Hrm, I thought I left a comment here but it seems to have vanished. Spanking Over Skirts - whew, that was a while ago! Not my first shoot though, by any means. I think by the time I worked for these guys I'd already filmed with Girls Boarding School, English Spankers, Spanking Online and Roue. It was definitely in my first year though, so I was 22, I think.

  2. Hi Pandora

    Thanks for the additional info; I just guessed that this was one of your first shoots. You look so sweet and innocent; not the depraved beast you have become!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist that).

    I must have the Girls Boarding School shoot at some point, but I lost all of their videos in a computer crash a couple of years ago, and it wasn't my favourite site, to be honest. How did you come to shoot for them? I thought they were US based.

    Anyway, hope the new site continues to develop well; I will review it soon, really!.