Monday, 23 January 2012

Why I Like...Amber Pixie Wells

Welcome back my friends; it's time for another model appreciation piece, and this time the subject is US spanking superstar Amber "Pixie" Wells.

So, first of all, what do we know about Pixie? She was born in October 1982, in a small town in Jersey (I'm guessing that's not Freehold). She's 5 foot 4 inches tall, and a natural blonde.

Pixie arrived on the spanking scene in 2004, linking up with David Pierson as he was about to begin the website that became Punished Brats; she has since written and directed material for the site, of which she is a co-owner, as well as appearing in many videos herself.

While still primarily a bottom she has appeared as a top with other girls on Punished Brats, and she appears to have a very stiff handed spanking style, the blows delivered with a force that belies her slight frame.

Pixie is one of the best known models on the US scene; she has appeared in clips for (amongst others - these are just the ones that I've seen):-

Punished Brats
Girls Spanks Girl
My Spanking Roommate
Spanked Sweeties
Kara Prepare Yourself
Spanking Online
Firm Hand Spanking

She really needs to get over to the UK, to shoot with some of the producers here; this would assure world domination!

She is fond of cats and, each year, she arranges a charity spanking shoot to raise donations for the Cause for Paws charity.

Pixie is happily married, and her husband comes from outside of the scene (although naturally enough he has grown to love spanking Pixie's wonderfully rounded butt).

She has a degree in nutrition, and a keen interest in photography, which is often reflected in some wonderful pictures that appear on her blog,

Pixie is very rare in US model circles, as she also participates in 1 to 1 sessions; actually I suppose this should be 2 to 1 sessions, as she does them with her friend, the wonderful Lily Anna.

What makes Pixie an outstanding spanking model? She is very pretty, in an extremely natural girl next door way; she has a terrifically round bottom, firm yet fleshy enough to bounce when smacked. She can take an extremely hard spanking (one on Dallas Spanks Hard is actually frightening), and has a delightfully bratty screen persona.

I've never met Pixie, and indeed, I do not know anyone who has, but it's hard not to believe that she is a genuinely nice person. She has a mass of close friends in the scene (the tidal wave of sympathy and best wishes when she was ill recently confirms that), and is clearly a caring person, as demonstrated by her continuing public support of animal charities.

It is a real pleasure to watch her wriggle and yelp as her bottom grows redder under a firm hand; she was the primary reason that I first subscribed to Punished Brats, a good few years ago now.

Pixie, thank you for all of the great video clips; I hope that there are many more to come.


  1. Pixie's a superstar alright, and an inspiration to us models who wanted to become producers. Proof that it can be done while retaining all her charm. I get a sense from Pixie that she's very balanced and grounded in real life, with a love of nature and a great sense of perspective. I'd love to hang out with her someday.

  2. Hi Pandora; nice to hear from you. I would agree that Pixie does seem very grounded; I suspect that she is a contented person who enjoys all aspects of her life, and she's someone I'd love to meet.

    All the best