Friday, 21 February 2014

Some thoughts about professionals

No, no! Not "The Professionals". Whilst I like old tv shows my taste is more towards old Doctor Who (I like new Doctor Who as well) than this macho rubbish.

My wife still lusts after Martin Shaw though.

Anyway, back to the point. Or, actually, let's charge towards the point for the first time in this blog post, shall we? Just for novelty value, like.

I read a few message boards, and, as previosuly mentioned, one is ITC Spanking. 3 recent posts on there got me thinking.

Firstly there was a thread about pure disciplinary sessions, in which one pro spanker opined that she specifically offered 30 minute sessions, to cater for this.

Then there was a post from a new dom, saying she had taken 12 bookings in her first week, and they were all time wasters.

Finally I noticed an advert (that I think was taken down by the moderators) headed "Spank and Wank" and offering 30 minute spanking sessions, with a "happy ending", for £50. Or 60 minute ones for £80. And offered them on the day.

Now, I'm going to make a few assumptions. If you know that any of these are wrong please let me know, I won't change this post, but I will gratefully acknowledge your input. I genuinely would be interested to know.

1. Most professionals do not work from home, especially spankees

2. Professionals get less guys not turning up when their bookings are with repeat clients

3. Most professional spankees will only see one client per day.

4. Few spankees make their actual living from being spanked; it's usually a sideline, bringing in a bit extra.

In my experience, most spankees charge around £110 to £150 per hour (partly dependent on the area in which they are based). Most offer a small discount for anything over an hour. Venue hire is generally on top of this.

I can entirely understand the high cost of the first hour; the pro often has to travel to the venue, and therefore any appointment uses up at least half a day. They have the cost of implements and costumes. And, you know, they get their bottoms beaten, often by men they've never met before.

I don't know how many clients prefer longer sessions. My first time was an hour, but, since I have discovered the joys of role play, I have only had 90 or 120 minute sessions.

I would have thought that, if my assumptions are correct, there is a real benefit to the pro spankee in extending session times (provided their bottoms are up to it!). You are already on location, you have a guaranteed client (well, duh) and if you only make half as much (for instance) for a second hour, it has cost you very little in terms of time in comparision with the first one, and it's still money you wouldn't get if the client only books one hour.

I think that this is especially true for switches, because the variety tends to lend itself to a longer session, and for ladies who genuinely enjoy spanking or being spanked. After all, if you're having fun and getting paid, why not?

There is clearly a benefit to the professional in increasing the likelyhood of the client turning up. This likelyhood increases dramtically with repeat business. Logically then it would make sense for professionals to offer discounts for regulars. And I'd define a regular as anyone you see more than twice.

If you work from home, or see multiple clients in a day (as a number of mistresses seem to) the arguments break down a bit although because they can work more frequently some tops (although by no means all) offer lower rates anyway.

My favourite is a lady in Brownhills who offers a flat rate, based on 2 sessions a day, where she spanks the client for as long as he needs it. Or can take it, I guess. She's been around for a while, has a stable of regulars and so doesn't need to advertise, and offers very low cost sessions from her home.

I like to see ladies who switch. I've tried a pure top once, and while it was okay, I didn't really get everything that I wanted from the session. I did talk to a lady who is a pure bottom, but ultimatly I like to experience both sides of the equation, so I will generally stick to switches.

However, despite all that, I think that advert I mentioned above is a great idea. Not the wanking part particularly, but just the short session booked at short notice. If I could phone up and arrange a short spanking session for today, at a reasonable cost, I'd be tempted. 30 minutes over a ladies knee, ending with a sore bottom would, on some days, be my idea of a fun time.

The lady in question was in London (I think), and clearly worked from home, This wouldn't be practical at a hired venue, for all of the obvious reasons.

So there you have it, I guess. Why don't ladies offer a much cheaper rate for second hours, and why don't they offer discounts for repeat customers?

I may be missing the point (or a point, or some points) but this seems a very reasonable idea to me. Of course, I might just be trying to get cheaper sessions for myself!

Please let me know your thoughts.

All the best


Pictures this time are from Triple AAA spanking; lovely site which I reviewed a couple of years ago, and run by the Chief, genuinely one of the nicest guys around the scene. Hi John, if you're reading this. And the pictures are from video captures; there are much clearer ones on the site itself


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