Sunday, 6 December 2015

It's time for another superstar blogger interview - Veronica - Old Fashion Girl Spanking

And now, in a change from our scheduled broadcast, we are pleased to bring you....

Of course, I know that you are all people with impeccable taste, so surely you already read the gorgeous Veronica's splendid spanking blog, Old Fashion Girl Spanking.

This blog has, in my opinion, two main things goings for it:-

1. Veronica designed it as an amateur spanking blog, centered around the spankings she receives from her husband, Tony. She gets lots of these, and they are often photographed, and then presented on her site. And they are very hot.

2. Veronica is a very dedicated blogger, who posts on a daily basis; there's always something new and fun to have a look at. Her blog is certainly on my list of sites I look at each and every day

Apart from being gorgeous, Veronica is also a lovely generous person, who very kindly agreed to spend some time with my blog readers and I, by granting a very entertaining interview.

I tell you what - that's enough from me. Let's get to know Veronica a little better, shall we? Yes, indeed, we shall.

1. An easy opener; when did you realise that you were a spanko?
When I was around four years old I remember watching my uncle spank my boy cousin who was around six. He spanked him over his knee on the bare bottom and I enjoyed it, it excited me... LOL! I became hooked ever since. I wished it was me getting spanked!

2. How did you meet Tony?
I met Tony in college... it was love at first sight. 

3. Did he spank you from the beginning of your relationship?
Yes, he pulled me across his lap playfully and spanked me. I asked him if he enjoyed spanking and he said yes, I said me too and that was that. Spankings became part of our lives.

4. I know that spankings are sexual for you; do you always get turned on, even when severely spanked?
Spanking makes me very wet and horny regardless of how severe or mild they are. Talking about spanking makes me horny.. I'm horny right now...LOL!

5. What made you decide to start your blog?
I started my blog in 2009 because I enjoyed some of the blogs out there. I wanted to bring a real amateur side to spanking like the girl next door instead of a model getting paid. Now amateur spanking is all over the web but I feel that I was one of the first to really post amateur pictorials.

6. I think that it's incredible you've kept it going for so long with daily posts. What motivates you? And how much time to you have to dedicate to it?
Well I have a professional job that is quite demanding but I put some time each day and dedicate it to my blog. I like adding humor and sensuality to keep it fresh.

7. In the early days you published photos in which your face was largely obscured. Now you're happy to show your whole beautiful face. What changed?
I'm more out of the closet now, back then I was worried about a friend or co-worker finding my blog but now I don't care as much. If they are on a spanking blog they most likely are also into spanking.

8. Do you get much feedback from readers? I always mean to comment more but I rarely get around to it (on a number of blogs actually).
Not as much as I would like, I don't feel my blog is as popular as some others but I do get 1500 to 2000 visitors each day so I'm happy. 

9. You've posted a couple of pictures of you spanking Tony; how often does this happen?
Not as often as it should, that man gets away with murder, ha ha. We don't switch much and to be honest I much prefer being the spankee but he knows that I'll tan his hide if he gets too out of line.

10. Do you photograph all of your spankings?
Not at all... so many spankings are never caught on film. 

11. I know that I should never ask a lady how old she is, but I'm a nosy sod, and you never seem to age. How old are you?
I was born in 1972 and I'm a cancer, being half Asian keeps me looking young because Asian women age very well, I try and take care of myself and I'm a beautiful 43 year old. :)

Frankly I had to read that twice before I was sure that I had read it correctly. I would have thought Veronica was, at the most, around 30. Wow. She really is stunning.

12. Is your primary reaction to spanking physical, emotional or psychological?
Psychological at first, I love getting in that head space. Physical during the spanking, the pain the excitement, the physical turn on. Emotional is always there at all times.

13. While you clearly love to be spanked, some of your spankings seem to be of a disciplinary nature. You're a strong confident young woman; why do you submit to them?
Exactly,because I'm a strong confident woman who needs to be brought down a few notches from time to time. If I wasn't then the spankings would be abusive instead of comforting and nurturing.

14. How do you feel after being spanked for something that you have done wrong?
Honestly, even though it hurts a lot I feel very loved. Like he cares enough to discipline me.

15. Has the threat of being spanked ever made you change your behaviour?
Oh, hell no!!! It only encourages it... I'm 100% brat all the time and love it.

16. Were you spanked as a child, and do you believe spanking has a role in child raising?
I was spanked but it was at the age of 13 and though brief it was very embarrassing because I knew I was into spanking at that age in a sexual way. I was very confused yet sexually aroused and I felt very guilty for feeling that way. I don't have children but I am not against spanking as a last resort if done in a loving  and nurturing environment.

17. Some serious questions there. Let's lighten the mood. What's your favourite word?
Besides "spanking" hmmm, "fuck" I have a potty mouth.

18. Do you ever make a conscious effort to afford using bad language on your blog? Do you worry about offending visitors to it? I admit that I do try to reduce the amount of swearing that I do, which is probably stupid on a sexually explicit blog, but you never know what will offend people.
Sometimes I'll post things that are sexual like a male masturbating to spanking pics or Tony bending me over to "fuck" me after a spanking and I'll be like, "did I just post that?"  But most are receptive to it and spanking is sexual between adults so I don't worry too much. I do want to keep it spanking related but a little naughty from time to time is okay.

19. Does anyone other than Tony ever spank you?
Only him but I do want a woman to spank me, I'm open to being spanked by others but Tony is a bit on the jealous side and want my ass all to himself, can you blame the man? I really want an older man to spank me too, it's a fantasy of mine, someone in their 70's... that's hot!!! Daddy, I've been a bad, bad girl!

20. I freely admit that I'd love to see you spanked by a woman (my turn to be horny - sorry); do you have anyone in mind?
I would love to be spanked by the Dana Specht, perhaps I'll have to reach out to her in the near future,:)

Hmm, I more had Dana Kane in mind. Two wonderfully hot women together in spanking Heaven. How could you not like that?

21. Who is your fantasy spanker?
Brad Pitt... I love that man, I need him to put me across his lap and bare my bottom like right now! Yup,he can spank me any day even if it cost me my marriage.

22. What's the perfect spanking implement?
A man's hand but I also like the slipper. It's so juvenile and nostalgic.

23. I thought that the slipper was mostly a British type of implement, Is there much slipper spanking in the US? it's one of my favourites too.
It's pretty popular here too, I know that in my house the slipper is used quite often especially at bed time. In the US the hairbrush is the most used implement for otk but the slipper is still used, just not as much as the hairbrush.

I actually adore the hairbrush as well, especially the large heavy flat backed one my spanky pal Cherri has; I love the thuddy noise as I smack her bare bottom with it. Ah, now I'm horny again.

24. Apart from your blog, are you actively involved in the spanking scene?
Not of yet but hopefully that will soon change.

Well. there you have it. The wonderful Veronica in her own words, with just a few of mine thrown in.

I loved doing this interview, and Veronica was extremely patient while I spent a long, long time looking at her blog (there are a lot of posts in six years) and I'm a bit of a slow question writer.

Anyway, I'm extremely pleased that I approached Veronica about answering a few questions, because I think this is a really fun interview, which is all down to my lovely interviewee. I think it's great that she and Tony have found each other, and have such a happy spanky life style. If only we were all so lucky.

Of course, Tony is the one to attract the greater envy; after all, her gets to spank that lovely bottom, and he gets to do it often. Lucky, lucky man.

Well, that'll do it for now. I hope you enjoyed the interview; I'm currently working on a couple of other ones, which hopefully will be posted in the not too distant future.

All the best


Pictures are, of course, taken from Veronica's Old Fashion Girl Spanking, and remain her copywrite. I strongly recommend that you pop over to visit her, and you'll find lots and lots more pictures to drool over.


  1. Thanks Tim for taking the time to post this. I'll also put a link to it on my blog... Love u.. Xoxoxo

  2. Fully agree. Great interview and great blog. I even voted for it on the latest 2015 Spanking Awards poll.

  3. Gréât interview... I.ll do the same in frrench, If Veronica is ok...

  4. @Stan: anytime... Xoxo

  5. Thank you, Tim and Veronica! I don't get around to the blogs as much these days, but I always enjoy both of yours, and this interview is a real treat!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Dave; this was one of the easiest interviews that I've done - Veronica was so helpful.

      I love your blog too. You're a massively talented cartoonist, such clean smooth line work. It always reminds mew a little of a cross between Terry Moore and Adam Hughes (sorry, long time comic fan here).

      All the best

  6. I miss veronica´s blog so fucking much