Thursday, 16 January 2014

Is all as it seems?

Good morning; the second day of my return to blogging. and a second post. How's that for a kick ass average?

Although I have a long way to go match the wonderful sexy and reliable Veronica; she cheers me up on a daily basis, and I wish she was in the UK, and therefore in spanking range.

Nice to dream.

Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow

Well, then. Here I am. Large strong cup of fresh coffee at my elbow - I even ground the beans myself! New computer monitor stares at me awaiting brilliance. The keyboard hums to itself in anticipation of sensual keystroking.

What to write about?

Really sorry about this, but I think it has to be a serious post. This has been much in my thoughts of late. I want to bore you with my views on faithfullness. And, you know, the opposite.

First things first. I am in a committed relationship with my wife. I love her, and would never have sex with another woman.

Spanking is a different matter.

Still Snowing

I won't get into the vexed debate about whether spanking is necessarily sexual, other than to say that, while I do get a sexual charge from it, I also get something more. I don't need spanking to lead to sex; the act of spanking (or being spanked) is entirely sufficient of itself for my fulfilment.

My wife knows how important spanking is to me. She always has, and, over the years, it has grown in significance. However,my wife's limited interest gas diminished.

When we first got married I spanked her often, but over time this happened less and less. A few years ago I discovered the joy of being spanked, and, after an initial burst, that too has withered away.

It's now been 7 months since I last played spanking games.

I really don't have a clever (or dumb) caption for this one

I know my wife realises how important spanking is to me, because, a few years ago, she told me that, such was my focus on spanking, she felt that if I spanked another woman it would be effectively being unfaithful to her.

I would never have sex with another woman, but I have spanked a few. I earnestly wish to spank a few more. Starting tomorrow with Danielle.

Hey look, it's Danielle

Am I being unfaithful?

When someone chooses to have sex with someone other than their partner, they are being unfaithful. They could presumably have the same (or different) sex with their partner but they choose not to. This is clearly a breach of faith.

In my case my wife denies me the spanking that I crave, so if I seek it elsewhere am I being unfaithful? Am I merely protecting my mental and emotional health by going elsewhere for a release that will make me feel hugely happier?

And is it different if I pay? I'm seeing a professional spankee - when we meet there may be some emotional connection but, in abstract, this is just a commercial transaction.

Not that, if I were at a spanking party and the opportunity arose, I would refuse free spanking anyway.

I've come at this from every angle I can, and I want to be able to say that my faithfulness is not an issue. This would ensure my peace of mind, and make my experience more relaxed.

I can't though.

Hey look, it's not Danielle

If my wife knew she would feel that I was cheating. Therefore. rightly or wrongly, with or without commercial considerations, I am cheating.

I love my wife. I wouldn't cheat. Right?

But at some point I need to factor in my own needs. My wife is clear on what they are. She will not fulfil them. The frustration is bad for me on so many levels, and, eventually, is likely to lead me to resent my wife.

I need to cheat. In this one very specific way.

I can't resolve this in any way that doesn't leave me, at least a bit, unhappy. Ultimately I will, as I have before, end up choosing what is, for me, the lesser of two evils.

Tomorrow I will go and play with Dani, get my spank on and come home sore handed and bottomed, and with cheery thoughts to keep me warm until the next time.

Ah Leia, still the woman I most want to spank in all the World!

It doesn't make it right though. Just necessary.

That'll do for now; I'll try and make the next post more amusing.

All the best


Many thanks to those of you who have contacted me and expressed pleasure that I'm back. And to the guy (?) who hoped I was dead, well, fuck you mate!

All pictures from Spanked Callgirls, just 'cos I have a subscription at the moment.

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  1. Welcome back, Tim!

    I can understand your dilemma. If you and your wife view spanking as sexual, and you feel the need to go elsewhere, then it is considered straying. It's difficult because your wife is aware of your needs, but does not understand them and will not do anything to fulfill them.

    You are indeed in a difficult situation, and must weigh the pros and cons of your actions, and your wife's possible reactions when she finds out.

    Good luck!