Friday, 23 October 2015

A Day in the Spanking Life......

Well, howdy. How are y'all?

Okay, I'll come clean; I've been watching Nashville on Amazon Prime and, after two seasons of backstabbing, lying, cheating, drinking and some pretty good music, I'm feeling a little hooked.

And, of course, this post is absolutely nothing to do with that.

I don't sleep much. I'm up most days by 4.30, after about 4 or 5 hours sleep. It's nice then, deep and quiet, and I can kid myself that the whole world belongs just to me.

It's also a fine time to stroll around the Internet, without any worries as to what prying eyes or interested ears might get to see or hear. I have a daily routine of internet sites that I visit. For a change of pace I thought that I'd tell you about them - well, as they are now, 'cos I often chop and change.
Public Spanking from Someone's Gonna Get It

I have a list in my bookmarks, under the heading of "Stuff" and I pretty much just follow the order in which they appear. so then, to launch right in, we start with British Spanking Community.

This is a bit of a throwback really, as I was a regular there a few years ago. Still, I arranged my very first spanking session through it's forum, and there often some nice pictures posted there, so it's worth a couple of minutes of my time.

Next we move on to the one and only Chross, and I'm sure that you all know why. Chross is the single most useful spanking resource currently on the Web, particularly for those fans of mainstream spanking. There tend to be posts several times a week, including the entirely invaluable Spankings of the Week that turns up most Saturdays.
Kiki gets spanked on Institute of Discipline

My next port of call is ITC Spanking which is a great place to find professional spankers and spankees in the UK, along with a forum where registered users can post on topics of interest. These are reviews of the various ladies themselves, matters of general spanking interest and other fun stuff. It does get a bit heated from time to time.

Where now? Oh yes, Richard Windors's Spanking Blog. This isn't a blog that sees daily updates, but most of the time it gets 2 or 3 each week, and of particular interest are the pictures of spankings from school and amateur productions of mainstream plays. Sadly Richard has recently suffered a bereavement (and I'm sure that all of our thoughts are with him) so posts have been somewhat sporadic, but we can hope for this to change in the near future.

For now, if you haven't looked around, I guarantee you'll find enough to keep you busy for an hour or so. The folders of on stage spankings are well worth seeking out.

Another click takes us to Spankeefinder, a UK based site that provides free page hosting for professional and semi-professional lady spankees. Even if you're not looking to arrange a paid session this site is well worth a look, as many ladies provide photos on their page, along with details of their services and/or spanking philosophy.
Ladies Who Spank (sometimes other ladies!)

Of course, it is only updated when a new spankee is available, so you never know when to visit; hence the daily check up.

To follow up this delight we have a site I suspect many of you will already visit; the splendid Spanking Tube. For those of you who don't know this is a free site that hosts spanking videos. Many of these are clips from professionally produced films, presented for promotional purposes, although a number of amateur films are uploaded too.

This leads nicely into The Spanking Bloggers Network, and if you're reading this the chances are that you are already familiar with this site. I like to glance down the list of updates, but usually I'm looking for 2 particular blogs that I follow religiously.

The first is Consensual Spankings, which focuses on a mutual spanking relationship, but adds lots of general spanking stuff, and, in particular, a lot of pictures. I don't altogether agree with the blogger's politics, but they don't infringe often, and the site itself is a lot of fun.

The other blog worth a daily look, and it really is updated each and every day, is Old Fashion Girl Spanking, written and staring the rather wonderful Veronica. She is in a spanking marriage, and posts lots of pictures of her frequent punishments, along with a number of other features, such as Saturday cartoons, Friday Spankables and much more.
Veronica where she often finds herself

Veronica herself is lovely, and always willing to chat by email. Plus, y'know, she reads my blog sometimes, and has commented here. She's basically perfect.

I follow this with a glance at Spanked Ass, which is the update page for the Institute of Discipline and it's stablemates. The site has an update most days, and features some lovely clear pictures of ladies and gents getting spanked, strapped and caned. The majority of pictures feature the guys on the receiving end, as much of the group is made up of femme domme sites.
Across my lap, young lady

I then have a look at a couple of Tumblr sites that have, so far. managed to survive the periodic purges of spanking related materials; the first of these is Ladies Spank, which is self explanatory, and Who's Sorry Now, which is too really.

Neither of these update terribly often, and both mostly feature men getting spanked, but they have some great pictures.
Who's Sorry Now (this guy, I'm guessing)

Not long to go now, only a handful more places to check out. Next we have another Tumblr photo blog, but this one does get one new picture every day, and it's Across My Lap, Young Lady. The pictures are generally very good, although not all of them show OTK spankings, despite the title.

Just two more, and they've both been around for quite some time. Firstly there's Someone's Gonna Get It, a great site with daily updates that cover more or less the whole world of spanking, leaning heavily towards pictures, usually in themed groups of six. These notably include public spankings, and there are lots of them throughout the site.

To finish my daily routine there's Spanking Minnesota, which again has more or less daily updates, on all sorts of spanking topics, and profusely illustrated with splendid pictures.
Richard Windsor's blog (on stage school spanking)

I also have a couple of sites I look at two or three times each week, which are worth mentioning. Cutiepie's Sexy Spankings features picture sets from professionally produced videos, especially from Punished Brats, Triple AAA Spanking and Clare Fonda's stable.

Chicago Spanking Review gets a visit every Friday morning, because that's when their new spanking comic panels appear.
The wonderful Snow Mercy spanks, from Vanilla Spanking

Lastly, one of my favourite blogs of all time, Vanilla Spanking, which features entirely mainstream spanking stuff, with several themed posts each week. These include Photographer of the Week (pictures from professional photographers who occasionally show a spanking in their work), On Stage Spankings (indepth reports on spanking scenes in mainstream plays, extremely well researched and often with masses of photos) and articles about general spanking concerns, such as, this week, spanking references used for political ends.

All of this takes me around 30 minutes each day, and it's time well spent. Some days I find more treasures than others, some days the pickings are slim, but there always seems to be something to pique my spanking tastes.

What sites do you look at? Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

Best wishes


All pictures come from sites mentioned in this article, and I've (I hope) labelled them all correctly. Check 'em out, why don't you.


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments... You're the best! :)

  2. I meant every word of it; you look and sound lovely, and your blog is a true delight.